BH3 #485

Brooklyn H3 #485: Marathon Recovery R*n
Monday November 2, 2009
Start: City Hall
On-In: 68 Jay Street Bar
Hare:  Dogface
Scribe: Trader Blows

…And so we gathered on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge to wrap up the NYC Marathon weekend….. wait wait wait…. the Manhattan side? Aren’t we a Brooklyn hash? more on this later.  A pack of about 20 hashers and about 10 handica…. marathoners showed up.  Dogface informed us that there was a 4.5 mile eagle trail, a 1.5 mile chicken, and a 0.8 mile wimpy chicken which required the use of the subway and a mule (just kidding about the subway). After dropping our bags at the intersection we headed up the Brooklyn Bridge. It was surprising to not find that many tourists taking pictures while standing in the middle of a bike lane, must have been a colder than usual evening.

The eagle trail mostly circles around Brooklyn Heights and Downtown Brooklyn. What I do remember are a couple of check backs to keep the FRBs at bay. I also remember Technically Foul having a near miss with a door.  I don’t remember more details since the only thing I concentrate on when on trail is the beer that will follow.  We eventually made it to the sauna.. I mean the on-in on Jay street in DUMBO.  The marathoners were all nicely sitting in a row comparing their times and t-shirts.
The down-downs went out accordingly:

– Hare – Dogface
– Visitors – no names in my notes, you know who you are!
– Virgin – no names, but there was a British virgin whose British authenticity was authenticated by DBB and Dogface as "plausible"
– One hasher for not trusting Dogface to get his bag to the on-in and instead choosing to r*n with his bag
– Marathoners
– Lauren for wearing crocs. It is never ok to do so, even a day after a marathon.
– DBB – Happy Birthday
– Screaming O’ – for coming to the start in Borough Hall in Brooklyn
– Deathbreast and Karma Sutra – Something about boob talk. We need to know more!
– Karma Sutra – she thought we can’t sing and chose to sing a song to make other weekend hares drink.
– Captain White Swallow –  Sung a song to Karma Sutra for some reason. We’ll learn it, after 300 more times.
– Dogface – Made someone drink for some reason

Is that good enough?  Not really. Did you expect real effort?

Trader Blows