BH3 #479

BH3 #479

September 9, 2009

Hares: Virgin Hare Just Jeff (newly named Dental Damned) and Headlights

Start: Hoyt/Schermerhorn

On In: Harry O’s

Scribe: Just Jess 

Twas a blustery Monday evening in September. Quite the lovely pack of hashers gathered at a corner in Downtown Brooklyn. We were warned of a poorly marked trail and told that ladies should not r*n on their own. With these tidbits of goodness, we were off into the dark streets of Brooklyn. There was construction, r*nning under overpasses, hardly-lit streets in the middle of nowhere (the area between Fort Greene and Williamsburg I do believe is called Hell). We ended up r*nning in a large circle, and were hardly led back downtown to an On In with the views and sounds of jackhammers outside and old men at the bar. 

Our virgin hare was lit up like a Chanukkah bush by the time we got there, and spiraled downward further into the deep, dark waters of beer as we joined him. Songs were sung after pasta and salad were had. Hashers were named by the handful (well, a 2 person handful). 

Down Downs:

-Hares Jeff & Headlights for their non-work as hares

-Virgins – one who I made come and one who Jeff made come wearing a lovely dress

-Visitors – Booty Call, Kindergarten Kim

-Tin Tin for marking the trail with hash marks instead of pack marks

-Red-headed Steve for bitching about the price of a hash shirt, but modeling it, all the same

-Screaming O was dubbed trail mistress

-Drag Hag was called up for running away to the land of Freedom Fries

-Just Jim was dubbed "She’s A Dude" for questioning Drag Hag’s gender. (new name is abbreviated SAD, which kind of makes me happy)

-Eager for Beaver was called up for being unable to come up with a decent song

-Yours truly. I couldn’t give the beer away, so drank it myself

-Ding and the virgin were called up for I don’t remember what

-Eager for Beaver for wearing a NYCH3 shirt

-Eager for Beaver for being engaged!! (Congrats! Hope you told her by now.)

-Jeff, the virgin hare, was dubbed "Dental Damned"

-Jeff was also called up several times for saying things during the circle, like "Who’s Booty Call and Kindergarten Kim?" 

After the circle, Dental Damned tried to buy his way out of his new name…to no avail. 

Hash cash ran out, and a bunch of hashers remained amongst the old men. My writeup will stop here, though for many, the night continued. 

On Out!