BH3 #468

BH3 #468
Hares: C*ntcake & Rebecca (newly christened "technically foul")
On In: Full Moon Saloon
Scribe: Drag Hag

On our second leg of the Tour de Brooklyn, a few miraculous events occurred. The night itself was so memorable, that despite the fact that the hash tapped out two of the beers on our deal everyone seems to recall everything that occurred with pristine detail.

The trail began on 36th street and 4th avenue and continued south- through a movie lot that apparently gave the r*nners some problems, a defunct sprinkler that gave mika a bit of grief (for which she later drank), and under the gowanus.

When our r*nners arrived, sweaty after a 5-or so mile trail a circle was called, and the following people were punished:

-The hares- C*ntcake and Rebecca for setting the trail, or rather…
-C*ntcake, because when asked where her co-hare was, Rebecca replied "Good question."
-Rebecca, for preferring the city of New York to San Francisco (she just moved back).
-The hares, for their birthdays.
-FMIG who exclaimed that being addicted to facebook was necessary to getting a joke. (Soul-sucking online networks do not replace real life, people)
-Mika for dancing around a "water hazard" on trail.
-Eager for Beaver, who appeared prominently in some AM New York stock photos.
-Rebecca was named "technically foul" for placing a "Beer Near" mark geographically close to the bar, but two miles from the end of the trail. What a tease.
-A few virgins, for coming all the way out to Bay Ridge, and for making each other come, apparently.
-Some visitors whose names I cannot recall… (perhaps too much beer was consumed after all).
-Returning virgin Sarah for bitching about our hares and the trail they set at her 2nd hash! Whining is a privilege, and an earned right.
-One of our bartenders for the evening, for being such a welcoming host to a bunch of crazy r*nners. Refusing to drink whatever beer down-downs were awarded with, he took a pull of jack daniels straight from the bottle.

It was after our energetic circle ended that the true shenanigans of the evening occurred. A mystical plastic battle axe, straight from the set of the lord of the rings was found. Not a moment too soon either, as our newly devirginized r*nners took the name "full moon saloon" to be gospel. Headlights punished them appropriately, while others looked away from blinding whiteness in horror.

The owners and bartenders could not have been happier with our crowd of sweaty merry-makers. They gave tank tops with the bar’s logo to our lovely hares, even going so far as to drag Mary behind the bar, who bartended for the majority of the evening.

Hash cash lasted through the night, FMIG attempted to break into the ladies restroom, and some excellent pizza was consumed. Those who lingered until the later part of the evening were able to witness a true Michael Jackson tribute- an impromptu dance party complete with the thriller dance. Who knew hashers were so coordinated?

This was truly one for the books.

Drag Hag