BH3 #462

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers R*n # 462, May 24, 2009

Hares: FMIG, Headlights, Noah’s Dinghy, and USMW

  Start: Prospect Park

On-In: Ellis Bar (5th Ave and 17th St)Scribe: USMW Ah, Memorial Day weekend. Perfect for a BBQ, wouldn’t you agree?  The BH3 committee did and planned their 5th(?) annual Memorial Day BBQ Hash in Prospect Park. All the r*nners were advised to bring a six-pack and $10 hash cash for BBQ delights. What could be better?  But alas, every weather forecaster from the Weather Channel to NY1 predicted thunderstorms and rain. But it looked sunny. Hmmm…what’s the BH3 committee to do? 

  1. Don’t believe the NYC weather forecast. When are they ever right?
  2. BBQ anyway, who’s afraid of a little rain?
  3. Run shrieking like a little girl at the first rain drop
  4. Have a last minute change of plans and have an indoors on in

 If you answered D, you’d be, unfortunately, correct. Around 11am on Sunday, the hares decided to be all wussy and pull the plug on the BBQ and have a normal, albeit London-style, hash. Guys, what about all the hashers who were planning on bringing beer to a BBQ? No worries, we’ll put a message on Facebook and send out one to the Yahoo group. They should get that before the hash, right? Well, not exactly. Where are we going to have an in on? USMW, why don’t you walk around and find a place. Luckily, one of USMW’s locals was having a lovely beer and hot dog special. Done. After all that to do, the hares managed to get everything settled at the start, with much grumbling about the change of plans and sent the pack off into Prospect Park. The trail then went through the scary Windsor Terrace and South Park Slope neighborhoods. Hope the visitors brought their mace! (more on this later).The hares schlepped the six-pack laden bags to the on in, the one and only Ellis Bar. Unfortunately for the bartender, it was her first day on the job. You’d think the hashers would be understanding. Heck no, we wanted our beer! There was plenty of $2.50 mugs of better beer and yummy cheese-covered hot dogs.  As for down downs, well, the hares did a couple. The visitor from Boston was overheard saying that he was afraid of getting mugged in Park Slope, so that was down-down worthy (and I say, go back to Boston and your evil Red Sux!). USMW did a down-down for her 25th birthday (well, some anniversary of her 25th birthday). I think someone had a smashmouth. 

Luckily for the hares, a 5-minute down pour occurred right at the end of down downs. They were vindicated!

On out. 

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