BH3 #461

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers Run # 461

Hares: Sandy Syphillis

Start: Steps of Borough Hall

OnIn: Floyd! (on Atlantic near Hicks)

Visiting Scribe: Zach

The evening of May 18 passed in true Brooklyn hash hashion. Autumnal temperatures brought out about 20 hashers, most residents of the borough but a few from the isle of Manhattan who were yet disoriented from Sunday’s hash in Hoboken and thought Jay Street was somehwere in Manhattan. Sandy Syphillis’ course meandered through the lively commerce of Fulton Street where hashers were offered all manner of cell phones and shea butter. An easy check then on to the wide expanse of Flatbush Ave (narry a bush in sight, at least not horticulturally speaking) then on and up through Ft Greene Park where hashers achieved a max elevation of 65 ft above sea level. Then it was down to downtown, across the leafy blocks on Bklyn Heights, down its long promenade, a bit more to Atlantic and a sharp left to the on-in. (There were about four more checks in here somewhere.)


Soon it was down-down time conducted by…

…oh oh, but I get ahead of myself. The on-in had a lovely European-style bacchi pitch which many a hasher was soon attempting to play. One by the name of Lauren managed to fall out of the pitch into a small crevice between the pitch and the on-in’s exposed brick wall. She nearly split her noggin’ but in fact did not split her noggin’ and only ended up spilling half her pint on herself. A hasher through and through….Now where was I? Oh yes, FMIG and Headlights conducted the down-downs and, my, the lucky few!


Sandy Syphillis was serenaded as the evening’s hare; an unknown virgin was made to drink; Sister Hasher Katie (who has chosen to live in La-La Land) got a shout out; and Fast American Dave made a statement along the lines of "I didn’t recognize Connor from behind." We’ll let you do with that what you will. Next, Chad was urged to "just say no" to his impending nuptials in Europe. (Good luck biking with her to Vienna, Chad!). Donner Kabob, it was noted, was not marking checks and for this he was proclaimed an asshole. But I will argue the greater asshole of the evening was the author of this fine oeuvre who brought a mere $13 hash cash. (Note to Bklyn H3: the difference will be repaid, for the author is an honorable guy unlike, say, American financiers. Also note: Bklyn hash cash is not $15. It is $20. How we have gentrified.) "Barnacle–this RR is my home! he oughta be" 

And last but not least, hash mistress Lauren just had a birthday and also just committed certain actions which earned her the name "Trips and Balls."

On On