BYOB! This Sunday In Brooklyn, Read On!

One of the best hash events  of the year is fast approaching, The Memorial Day Sunday  BH3 BBQ is just a few short days away. The weather is supposed to be in the high 70’s, so things are looking good. However, there are a few small details we need to pass onto you first.
*Hash Cash is $10. The hash will be providing some drinks and cups, but this event is pretty much BYOB. We recommend a 6 Pack of your fave!  Keep in mind that drinking in City Parks is not legal.
*If you can RSVP, please do. We need to buy a lot of food, and this will help us plan accordingly.
*There will be a P- trail from the F Station At 15th St/PPW to the actual start.
*If you would like to volunteer, I’d like to hear from you. Volunteers will most likely be asked to do a small bit of shopping or help with the BBQ, and little else. You will still be able to run the trail.
*In the event of rain, the start is at the F station and this will be a more or less normal trail with $20. hash cash or London Rules. I’ll send an email out if we decide to go this route.

Once again, this event is BYOB.