BH3 #460

BH3 # 460

Monday May 11, 2009

HARE: P-Dicky

Start: Bergen St. 2/3 stop

On-In: Quarter

Scribe: Just Carrie


Given that I have never written one of these and the notes look like a 5 year old has written them, please bear with me.  I will have to rely on my foggy recollection and drunken footnotes that I wrote.
The trail began in Brooklyn on Bergen st off the 2/3 train.  While the early arrivers stretched and got to know eachother, we also got the chance to chat with the owner of the paint store on the corner.  The owner was intrigued by our running group and offered to have refreshments set out for us the next time we started there.  The
trail was set by P-Dicky and it was 2 and your on.
After the virgins had been briefed, we threw our bags in P-Dicky’s car and were off.  The marks led us towards Prospect Park past a mini yoga class going on near the entrance.  We ran into the park, searching for the next hash mark.  We found one then made the
mistake of following the calls of a virgin.  We kept running into the park, under the bridge and around in circles until we realized that no one had found the second mark.  We all left the park and looked outside and finally found the mark across the street.
We came to another part of the park and headed on in.  We found the check and began our search.  Lots of searching and long story short, we were tricked again by the trail picking up outside of the park.  Continuing on.  After some more running we finally get to a BN (beer near) only to encounter 2 more checks before any beer was to be had.  We made it to the On In somewhere by the Gowanus where hash cash is now $20 but allowed us anything from the beer menu.


Highlights from the down-downs:

  • P-Dicky for – haring, setting hard to find marks, eating someone’s left over candy bar, complaining and using blue chalk
  • Virgins and visitors – there was Leslie visiting from Manhattan, David visiting from Colorado/West Africa, first timers Chris and Sara and I think 2 other guys.  Sorry that I don’t remember your names.  Tim maybe.
  • Barnacle – called out by headlights for explaing/giving advice about calls to virgins
  • Blackout – not seeing a mark that was covered by a rabbit

There were more but I am not sure for who or exaclty for what.
No pizza, sadly.  We had Chinese right after the hash cash ran out, which is even sadder.