NYCH3 #1318

NYCH3 #1318

 Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Start: 3rd st. and 6th Ave.


Hares: Leave my clothes on Lauren and Dan W.

On-In: No Idea bar on 20th st. by Broadway

Scribe: Two Buck Fuck 

 A gradual crescendo of the rustling sound of rain could be heard, and the hopes of having a perfectly dry day during an otherwise soaking wet week were about to get washed away along with the already thinning pink chalk arrows lining a healthy 4-mile span of concrete.  At that time, the pack was already assembling at the corner of 6th Ave and West 3rd St.

"Are you guys r*nning?"  A clueless civilian.  In a better world hashers would have the authority to administer down-downs on the spot to any clueless civilian for what would otherwise had been considered a trail offence, had it been committed by a hasher.

"Stop right there!  You are detained on the grounds of violating Article 229 of the Uniform Code of Hashing Justice.  The article states that when a non-hashing civilian approaches a hasher presently involved in active duty, with the intent of asking irrelevant and/or absurd questions, the offender shall be subjected to punishment in the form of public ridicule, name calling, being sung at with songs of vulgar content, and being forced to consume beer of the lowest quality and in quantities incompatible with human sanity."

The rain subsided; this hasher stopped daydreaming, and the pack began scattering into the westward direction.  The trail was straightforward, well-marked, and wasn’t particularly overloaded with checks.  The hares seemed to have made an extra effort to avoid going through the many parks that were adjacent to the trail.  Your best hope was to touch the perimeter of Tompkins Square Park, or maybe even briefly venture into it while attempting to solve check #4.

No Idea: a superb choice of an on-in.  Bud Light and some mystery dark beer were served in abundance.  Let the down-downs begin.

Hares, virgins and visitors: the usual.

Henry: wreaked much havoc on trail by “solving” each check immediately as he arrived upon it.  It turned out that he didn’t really solve each check, but merely put down a random mark and r*n off in that direction.

Steamer: complained about a bad leg, got the hares to disclose the on-in, and then ended up FRB’ing it, despite the non-trivial distance of the shortcut.

Mike: for standing at a check, and when being asked “Are you?” responding with “Checking!” while crossing his arms in a checkmark-like manner.

Mike with Erin: for shopping for and wearing the same style headbands.

Courtney: showed up late, r*n the trail backwards, but still got lost.Joey: for having a particularly sour mood requiring attitude adjustments.

Doug: for forgetting about his committee member status.

All bag hags: for being an extra pain in the *ss and requiring additional cabs to deliver them to the on-in.

Roy: for forgetting the plunger.

Pizza was being devoured, the mystery beer was killing off precious brain cells, and later on the rain wiped out all traces of what had occurred that day, as umbrella-less hashers were stumbling back to the subway through the downpour.


Two Buck Fuck