BH3 #456

BH3 # 456

Monday, April 13

Hares: Splat and Bulldozer

On In: Barcade

Lovely day for a r*n in Queens, except for the fact that I’m pretty sure we are the Brooklyn Hash. Right? This starting-in-Queens thing has become quite the trend (see next week’s run), so I’m getting a bit confused. But let me assure you that once we start venturing to the Bronx, I’m out.


Within the first half mile of trail, hashers were forced to decide between the Chicken (4-ish miles) and the Eagle (6 or so). Really wanting to earn my pizza, I took the Eagle, which was probably about 50 percent in Queens (see above, re: my confusion). Eventually the pack made our way to the Pulaski Bridge, where we were reassured of our Brooklyn status with a “Welcome to Brooklyn!” hash mark.


Abandoned factories seemed to be the theme of the r*n. Actually, it seems to be a Brooklyn theme in general, so now I’m pretty sure we’re still the Brooklyn Hash. But wait, we’re starting in Queens again next week… crap, now I’m confused again. Speaking of confusion, the Chicken/Eagle splitters met up again at a particularly vexing check near McCarren Park. After about 20 minutes of checking, DBB said “oh fuck it” and called the hotline – the rest of us demanded the name of the On In and headed out in that direction.


The pack finally made it to Barcade, although I think the Saint still had some steam to blow off because he barreled right past it. The rest of us were more sensible and went inside for beers and down-downs, which were distributed as follows: 

  • Splat and Bulldozer for haring – I guess everyone but me was over the fact that they started in Queens, because that’s the only one they got.
  • The virgins and visitors – but wait, there were none. Might have been the Queens thing.
  • Lauren – for cartwheeling her way through the trail.
  • Jeremy and Headlights – for debating which smelled better, urine or donuts. Really?
  • Bulldozer – for his hash mark “DK Rules!” which we later found out was both a clue for the pack (“DK” standing for “Donkey Kong”) and a shout out to a friend (who must like Donkey Kong…?).
  • DBB – for his harrowing decision on the Pulaski Bridge as to whether or not he wanted to remain in Queens or venture out into Brooklyn. Maybe I wasn’t the only one confused after all.

The pizza lasted longer than the hash cash sadly, but when has that ever kept a hasher from the beer?


See you all in Queens.


Sandy Syph