BH3 #448

BH3 #448

February 23, 2009

On In: Pacific Standard

Scribe: Just Jeff 

“Our vibrations were getting nasty…but why?  I was puzzled, frustrated.  Was there no communication in this car?  Had we deteriorated to the level of dumb beasts?” – HST


It was a brisk 20 degrees when a small group of dedicated hashers gathered by the Applebees on DeKalb to get the skinny on the evenings run.  Primary hare Canine Fixation (Q: What’s worse than a pit bull with AIDS? A: the person who gave it to him) and his special, more experienced friend and mentor, Blackout, furnished the typically vague details….”Trail took a few hours to set”…”There are a few checks….” yada, yada, yada.  Then the group was off.  The chalk marks led us up and through Fort Greene Park, around RAMBO, and then to a high degree of confusion on the BK side of the Brooklyn Bridge.  Apparently there was a check, and a back check, and only the most intrepid (or dumbest) of the evening’s hashers went through the trouble of sussing out the markings and determining the proper route of the trail.  In the meanwhile, the least intrepid of the group searched for distinguishing chalk lines while dodging selfish jerk-offs on bikes who acted like they owned the bridge, the path on the way to the bridge, and all of the surrounding area.  Finally, the trail was regained and led the group down Court St, through Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, Gowanus, and ultimately to the On-In, Pacific Standard, the Leftist bar on 4th Avenue with a slightly annoying amount of California related kitsch and other random totchkes….( but very good beer, consistent with BK Hash standards)


After a round or two and some stretching, the circle commenced and Gay Steve was at the top of his game, as usual; down-downs were called on the following:

  • The hares, Canine Fixation and Blackout
  • Conner and Jeff, for the following exchange:

Conner:   “…DBB?  Who is that?”

Jeff: “he’s the disgruntled Englishman you often see at these things…”

  • Another hasher whose name and purported sin is intelligible from the notes that were transcribed
  • Nina and Jeremy, for arriving at the On-In fashionably late and giving rise to fears that they were lost somewhere and didn’t have any money to call the hotline…
  • DBB himself, who arrived at the On-in even later than Jeremy and Nina and caused a great deal of concern and worry (apparently you don’t want an Angry Brit running around the streets on a cold night).  It turns out that DBB had made plans to attend a concert that was due to start as the hash was winding down, had went to the concert (conveniently  located near the end of the trail), and then repaired to the On-In like it wasn’t no thing…..proving that its DBB’s party and we are all just guests-


A special shout out to Headlights, for having to work late servicing her demanding Swiss clients but still making it to the On-In…


‘Til next time…On-Out!