BH3 #435

BH3 #435

November 24, 2008

Start: Atlantic & Pacific (the plaza in front of Target & Guitar Center)

Hare: Virgin Hare Drag Hag and Semi-Virgin Hare Jeremy

On-In: Bar Reis (5th Avenue & 6th Street)


We should have known as we huddled in the windy plaza under the warm, red glow of the Target, Chuck E’ Cheese, and Guitar Center beacons.  We should have known once the hares handed out skinny chalk (including some in purple).  We should have known after more than an avenue block with no marks within the first five minutes of running.  But, hashers are not known for their powers of deduction so we ran on. 


We ran through Fort Greene, passed through Crown Heights, and finally found some marks at Grand Army Plaza.  Then we had the obligatory trip into Prospect Park and finally through Park Slope to the On-In.  There was much cursing and gnashing of teeth on trail and I saw more than one fist shaken towards the heavens in anger.  But really, it’s our fault.


We should have known.


At the lovely Bar Reis Down Downs ensued:


·        The Hares: They got big down downs for the lack of marks, the few marks that were present being in skinny chalk, and for just general hare-ness.

·        The Virgin: There was only one, a lovely girl (I think her name was Erin?) who had already taken shots at the bar and seemed pretty eager to drink her beer.  A future hasher is born, and I was there to see it.  *wipes tear*

·        The Visitor: Incontinental Divide from Munich led us in a rousing rendition of something in German.

·        Josh then presented the hares with a large piece of drywall he swiped on trail for their future haring attempts and they were made to drink again.

·        We attempted to name Josh for either the fact that he stole drywall while on trail, attempted to instigate a random beer check by running to his house in the middle of the trail (but came back with no beer!  Unfair!), or for the hilarity that is his facial hair every week.  After numerous names were tossed around (Wet N’ Dry, DryStash, SheetRock) and nothing stuck he just drank his beer.

·        Smashmouth was given the honor of dispensing the Angry Brit/Random Abuse of Power this week and decided to give us a down down in three parts.  All three went to the visitor, Incontinental Divide, for bellowing on trail, showing a lack of respect for veteran hashers, and for not knowing who the veteran hashers are.

·        50 Dollar Footsie and Just David received a down down for making eyes at each other and then proceeded to make out in the circle, which of course resulted in another down down and some dry heaving from the group.

·        Just Phil was called out for showering between the trail and the On-In.  A hasher who cares about personal hygiene??  That is shocking!  I am shocked!

·        And finally Basia and AARPenis for using the restroom at a fancy-schmancy restaurant on trail.  I’m sure the patrons were very thankful for that detour.


The micro brews ran out after the pizza arrived, but the PBR flowed well into the night as the hashers skittered out in the misty rain. I, for one, now feel wiser and more prepared for the disappointments of life.  Next time I see skinny chalk at a start, I’ll know and just go home.


On Out,