BH# # 429


Run # 429/October 20, 2008
Hares: Dogface

On-In: Legion


This week was a momentous occasion for the BH3- it was more than a r*n, it was a cultural event.  Unbeknownst to some of us, Williamsburg has inhabitants that sport neither skinny jeans nor handle-bar mustaches, but have decidedly more snazzy accessories.  We witnessed the Hasidic community celebrate Simchat Torah , and I must admit that their fur hats definitely give our haberdashery a run for it’s money (though Headlights may beg to differ, after having lovingly dragged the shirts around from boro to boro).


After the obligatory standing-around-hoping-we-are-in-the-right-place-or-that-more-people-come (as if it hasn’t already taken some of us an hour to get to Brooklyn…), the r*n began around 7:15 or so.  Dodging double strollers in our running gear made us stick out like sore thumbs- but on the up side, the chilly weather required us all to wear enough clothing to make any wardrobe mishaps nearly impossible.  Sean was even recruited to participate in the festivities, as he kindly agreed to enter a stranger’s household to turn on lights, the stove, etc.


Dogface prepared a lovely, well-marked trail which included such treats as scenic brownstones, a chicken and eagle split near the end, and fewer catcalls than usual.  I can not tell you where the hell we actually were, other than that it appeared to be mostly Williamsburg (and definitely Brooklyn), as I am from the superior borough of Queens where most of the streets have numbers (even if they don’t go in sequential order). This all culminated in our arrival Legion.  As the r*nners filtered in from their chosen routes (including Sean, who got a late start on the drinking as a result of his Good Samaritan-ism), water (with ice!) was quickly gulped, beers were poured, and the down downs were administered.  A brief overview follows:


  • Dogface for setting the trail- and possibly for something else that no one can seem to recall, though we will never forget how agonizingly S-L-O-W-L-Y he drank, allowing me to witness the full completion of the "why are we waiting" song for the very first time
  • Blackout for being overly sweaty (yummy!)
  • Eva for her creative use of the English language (Steve kindly joined her)
  • Ashley for calling Blackout out for something like having things thrown at him on the trail, but her accusations backfired (much like my willingness to do this write-up)… Ashley was also apparently given a down down for being an overzealous haberdasherer
  • The Saint for his new, glowing white kicks- which he then drank out of without a single complaint
  • Carrie for paying hash cash in change (now Dogface can do laundry!) and finally,
  • Sean, for his turn as the aforementioned "Good Samaritan"


I was also asked to model my new, beautiful (and not overpriced a bit!) haberdashery, but despite my best "Vanna White", was given neither a beer nor a song, so cannot count this as a true down down.  Better luck next time. 


Much like a pie eating contest at the state fair (god I miss the pig races… is this why I started hashing?), the beer was tasty but short-lived (next time I will volunteer to drink ALL the down downs so that by the time the beer runs out I won’t notice).  However, I was pleasantly surprised that we were allowed to order the festive Pumpkin Ale this week (thanks, Mom and Dad!).  The pizza was also tasty and quickly consumed but may I suggest more pepperoni next time?  And don’t even tell me that’s what she said.  I KNOW.


Although Carrie, Sean, Leo, and myself were the first to arrive, I haven’t a clue as to who may have been the last to leave, as I made a beeline for the godforsaken G train as soon as the beer ran dry.  I also don’t know how many hashers were in attendance, as the numbers always seem to rise by the time we get to the bar… hmmmm.


And that’s all she (the virgin write-up author) wrote.


On-out, Bonnie