GGFM #202


The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full


Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #202 

Friday, December 28, 2007

 Hare: Wee Willie         

Start: Columbus Circle

On-In:  Firehouse Bar


Punk Ass Bitch (Scribe): US Marine Whore    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Back when Wee Willie set his birthday trail way back in December ’07, times were much better. The world wasn’t on the brink of economic collapse. A “folksy” former beauty queen from Alaska wasn’t running for the vice presidency. People named Frannie and Freddie didn’t have to hang their head in shame. The word maverick was just the name of the lead character in Top Gun.


Ah, the good ole days.  But these are serious times, my fellow hashers, calling for a serious write up. A write-up with a plan. One that’s the all about the truth, right down to the very last detail.  But since I’m writing this 11 months after the fact, screw that! I’ll be playing losey goosey with this write up, much like all those mortgage banks played with everyone’s finances.


Quite frankly, I really can’t remember much about the trail and who was there.  I know the trails start at Columbus Circle on a rather mild December Friday night at approximately 7:30 somewhere in the UWS. Wee Willie sent the trail out into the dark reaches of the UWS. The trails went through Central Park… somewhere dark and kinda creepy to be sure.  I betcha there was a bunch of checks that were a tough to solve, some marks that were hard to follow at night, and some FRBs that didn’t bother to leave any packs marks. We finally finished at the Firehouse Bar on Columbus.

Now, some of you might think, Really? Isn’t that bar a bit pricey for the hash? Yes, yes, it was. Even though $20 seemed like a lot back in those days, it wasn’t really when you had to buy food from the bar. By the time down downs came around, there wasn’t any beer left.   Soooo, when it was time to do the circle, should we give the hare the last of the beer? Heck no, even though it was poor Wee Willie’s birthday, he had to do several down downs of water. The horror.    A few hashes prior to the GGFM, Doug brought some, um, special cookies to the on in. They were so special that I was giggly and had a bad case of the munchies. Tit totaller came up with a great name, and Doug was christened Junky Monkey.  


I’m sure that FMIG got AHOTM (@sshole of the month) for doing something asinine.  Someone, maybe Fire in the Piehole, probably had to drink for bringing a GPS on trail. There were probably a couple of virgins and visitors from San Francisco (we get a lot of those). After the circle was done, we most likely went to another bar, because 2 beers does not a Friday night make.  And almost a year later….