GGFM #213


The Truth



Official Organ of the Greater Gotham Full


Hash House Harriers

G2FMH3 Hash #213 

Friday, September 12, 2008


Hare: Ed Lunch

Start: Chambers St. subway

On-In: The Patriot, Church and Chambers

Scribe: Just Dan W.


It was a dreary Friday night in the month of September when runners converged on the corner of Broadway and Chambers for the promise of a wet and exciting GGFM.  After waiting for about 25 minutes the hashers with leadership of Norma went in search of our poor lost hare Ed Lunch.  Lunch was suspected to be in the patriot staying dry with cheap beers and a bartender that would light her nipples on fire if you told her it was your birthday.  As we all decided to start our own trail to the patriot to just drink the rainy day away we found the lunch sitting on the opposite corner under an overhang, professing confusion, poor old guy.  Ed Lunch then passed out maps that we would then use to help us find our way from phone booth to phone booth around the down town area.  What a fantastic idea, phone booths! 


The run was pretty fair for the most part with Don Wannabe doing head counts at every phone booth and only loosing one runner outside of Little Italy.  In a heroic move pussy in boots did save our lives from the gun wielding gate officer at 1 police plaza as we tried to cut through the parking lot.  With surprising agility and speed he pulled the guards attention away from us as we turned and ran back in his direction, what a brave man that pussy is.  The last stretch saw the harriers and Harriet’s sprinting with alarming speed to the final destination, o yes, the patriot, Ed’s favorite cheap watering hole.  Ed was there waiting for us and was able to name drop the virgin/visitor Milly into the bar without her ID. 


Our circle was pretty fantastic, and was even disrupted by a bouncer who threatened us for our amazingly awesome singing, or lack there of.  Thankfully Ed Lunch was there to save the day again and name drop our way out of the bouncer’s ire.  That Ed Lunch may be cheap, but what a hero he is to the cause of drinking!  Ed Lunch was then awarded 4 down downs for his trail in the form of water, because he’s one cheap bastard.  Our next down-down went to our visitor / virgin from South Africa, Milly.  However, after being forced to drink a down-down from her new shoes I fear we’ll not see the young Milly ever again.  Our next down-down was awarded to the unsuspecting FRB’s, Pussy in boots, Just Dan, and Just Barri.  Who would have known those sneaky bastards could get to the front!  Anna then awarded a down-down to Red Headed Steve who snuck in after the run was finished and when the food was coming in.  He feigned being busy at work to avoid running in the rain, how lame and way to go Anna for bringing his shenanigan’s to light!  Anna then went on to tell the story of Just Dan and his lame attempt to not be caught watching the ladies at the beginning of the run fondling themselves like Nevada strippers and claiming he had boobs too.  Way to go sucker, lame dodge you deserve that down-down!  Finally our good citizen of the day, the savior of the run and an all around awesome guy was Don Wannabe who did head counts and managed to be the glue that held our run together.