BH3 # 424


Run # 424 /September 8, 2008
Hare: Eager 4 Beaver
On-In: Vendetta Bar
Scribe: Headlights

It was a steamy night in Brooklyn as the hashers gathered on the always popular steps of Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. We set off and immediately began running up the Brooklyn Bridge during what was apparently bridge rush hour with cyclists whizzing by and one very rude female runner who pushed DBB out of her way earning her a hearty, "Fuck You!" from the Brit.

At a sharp left taking us off the bridge there was the first of many confusing hash marks.  As the group gathered about, scratching their heads two cyclists crashed headlong into each other after ignoring the stop sign. Another man on a bike came up later and blamed DBB for the accident, yelling at him and generally making an ass of himself while DBB, being the loving and kind man he is, simply stretched to his full height and insulted the man right back in the charming British style.

We continued following the trail, even though all marks had been crossed out by a secret Summit hash that was happening the same night.  Classy guys, real classy.

We ran along the DUMBO waterfront, Brooklyn Promenade (getting lovely views of the Manhattan skyline at sunset and the Waterfalls installation), through Brooklyn Heights and eventually to our Carroll Gardens On-In (complete with open mic and live music!  Um, hurray?).

The Down Downs:

Eager For Beaver, for the essential hare down down
Eager For Beaver, for confusion on the part of late comers as to where the trail actually started (Note: It started at Court and Nelson)
Asshole of the Week award went to Phil and the two virgins from New Jersey (Andrew and Shawn?) for being from New Jersey (where the Summit hash is as well)
Virgin Down Downs went to Susan, Kim, Shawn and Brent
DBB for getting into not one, but TWO altercations on trail
Tit Totaller was falsely accused of causing the bike crash on the bridge, but she drank anyway
FMIG for wearing short shorts and Dr. Steve for calling him out
Brent for having to pilot a plane to Florida the next morning
After the circle we had two more sets of down downs.  One went to Angela from Maine for being a visitor and the other went to two virgins, Ashley and Luke, who had followed the Summit hash marks and run to Manhattan.

The beer didn’t last long enough (does it ever?) and the pizza was in short supply (isn’t it always), even though yours truly provided bacon salt as an added topping, but spirits were high as we stumbled out to the sultry sounds of an open mic and a live band.

On Out,