NYCH3 #1282

NYCH3 #1282

September 3, 2008

Hare: Crazy Bob

Start: 14th and 1st Avenue

On In: Otto’s Shrunken Head (14th between Avenues A & B)

Scribe: Blackout

Crazy Bob was up to his usual craziness this fine late summery evening. The largish pack milled about at the start corner, some mobbing the haberdashers giving out the new ‘Taxi’ hash T-shirts. Eventually Bob showed up and sent us on our way. We first wandered south and east a little, where a couple of early checks threw most people off for quite a while…apparently all falses weren’t really marked. We eventually turned north, and spent much of the trail making our way to the Kips Bay and Murray Hill areas, relatively unhashed territory. After running past the exit of the Queens-Midtown tunnel, we began southwards again, at one point going behind Bellevue Hospital, past the ‘Bellevue Sobriety Memorial Garden’ (which would have been a great place for a beer check, but alas…), and back around via the sketchiest midtown alley I’ve come across in a while. We continued back to near the start, and finally finished on 14th again, at the venerable Otto’s.

Despite the loud music emerging from the back room (once upon a time it was stand-up comedy back there…equally bad but at least more quiet), a circle eventually broke out:

– The hare Crazy Bob led the way

– C.B. possibly drank again for his sins, or not. Rumor has it for example that the bags were transported from the start via a shopping cart…said rumors are murky as to whether he also stopped along the way to pick up recyclables

– There were a handful of visitors and roughly a dozen virgins (or was it a dozen rough virgins?)

– Just Dan was called up for getting lost on trail, returning to the start only to be unable to read the onin location in chalk, and also not being able to dial the hotline. Apparently they call us half-minds for a reason…

– Sketchy Dave and his friend Steve were sent up for catching a bus at some point on trail – Just Ben drank out of his shiny new shoes

– AOTW went to Dana, for being in a bad mood at the onin. She then drank again for some other offense, after which she was too tipsy to be in a bad mood any longer.

There was likely pizza at this point, followed by more drinking. The drinking continued quite late, except for a short hiccup (or hiccough to you Brits) when a newly arriving bartender had to be told about our deal. At any rate the problem was soon solved and we were allowed to continue punishing our livers…