NYCH3 #1263

NYCH3 #1263
April 27, 2008
Start: 72nd and Central Park West
Hares: The Hardy Boys
On-in: Dive 75 (75th and Columbus)
Scribe: Blackout

A nice day for a hash, if you were in town…

So those stragglers still left in NYC after it nearly emptied of hashers met on this Sunday at the edge of Central Park for a run set by Dave Hardy.  Amongst the chalk talk was mention that all falses were marked…making it two trails in a row counting Roy’s NAWW trail in Brooklyn.  Note to hares, this takes more time but greatly decreases the chances of having a sh*tty trail!

The trail itself was a nice standard park hash, doing some nice shiggy for a change, and eventually leaving the park, traipsing through Lincoln Center, then westward to the Hudson and back through the Boat Basin to the multitude of bars in the West 70’s.  In this case, it was Dive 75.

The pack was medium-sized, and quickly began the drinking.  After a long period of setting up, yours truly and Doggystyle were lucky enough to lead the circle.  Down-downs went accordingly:

– The hares
– Dave Hardy again, for somehow confusing his son (who was away in Europe) with Roy, who ended up being the co-hare
– Virgins: I know there was one – a youngish fellow, the brother of fairly new hasher Hector.
– For lack of other down-downs, some were awarded to FRB, DFL, and FBI.  My notes do not declare who were the first two, but the last was Mary (and the acronym is First Bimbo In).
– It still being Passover (technically), the Jews drinking beer received down-downs (isn’t that a strange punishment?).  Among them was Colin, who though abstaining the previous week declaimed “I only celebrate Passover for 7 days, so I’m drinking”
– Conflicting complaints about hashmarks (too many: an Aussie, not enough: Limp Dick)
– AOTW:  since they managed to steal most of the hash, and for leaving myself and D.S. the only ones left to lead the circle…we gave the AOTW in absentia to Andrew and Mary (congrats!).  In their place the next closest hash couple to matrimonial status, Pussy Repellent and Cockstar, were sent up
– At this point Jenn was forced to drink, for starting the “20 toes” song rather than the standard AOTW song

Good pizza arrived (likely before the circle), and everyone filled up.  Shortly after the circle the hash cash ran out, leaving a few rowdy hashers led by Limp Dick to continue on their own.


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