NYCH3 #1262

NYCH3 #1262
April 20, 2008
Start: Flannery’s (14th and 7th Ave.)
Hares: Doggy Style and Hot Rod
On-in: The Patriot
Scribe: Blackout

Though no one including myself noticed this at the time, it was a nice day for a hash in more ways than one (if confused, notice the date above)…

Our lady hares put up a good show this particular Sunday…we started at Flannery’s where the largish pack for some bizarre reason was not getting a pre-lube, just standing either just inside or outside the bar.  At any rate, after some delay we got our chalk talk, learned that there would be a drink check (always an auspicious sign), and got on our merry way.  The trail took us through most of the West Village, usually southward.  This was probably for the best…I had realized at the start that both hares live north of 140th street, but in order to have an on-in in their neighborhood we would have to have a Dave Arthur-like trail shooting straight as an arrow north along the Hudson.  The trail wasn’t too hard to follow, at least for those of us in the front half of the pack.  The poor folks that ended up too far back at a check at Canal Street ended up completely flummoxed by a wayward pack mark set by Salt Lick.  For some odd reason she drew an arrow pointing east-southeast or so, when the trail actually went south.  Those of in front merrily continued down to Battery Park City, where we eventually found the drink check manned by Doggy Style’s roommate and sometime hasher at a little square near Rector Street.  After imbibing the strange concoction (part beer, part vodka, part lemonade apparently), we continued traipsing around a bit before ending up at the very old standby, the Patriot.

This week, perhaps due to the utter lack of souls in the place (not that it is soulless by any means), we were not allowed to our regular stomping grounds upstairs.  Also notably at the on-in were a reporter and photographer from AM New York (check the May 2nd edition for the report).  At any rate, eventually a circle broke out.  The blow-by-blow details:

– Hares Doggy Style and Hot Rod
– Jenn again for using FMIG’s kitchen to make the drink check concoction…apparently with very little clothing on
– Long lost hashers Flaccido Domingo and Sarah
– F.D. again for various historical reasons, at some point here Cockstar told the story of his name
– The Jews in the crowd drinking beer during Passover: FMIG, Doggy Style, Cockstar
– Salt Lick for her grave mis-marking on trail
– 2 ladies who committed many various offenses.  First at start, Medha had new shoes, but pointed out (to FMIG no less) that she was exempt, having run in them in a previous hash…one that she left before the circle.  Impeccable logic!  Medha and her friend Melissa again tried to leave early, but FMIG noticed and kept them at bay until the circle.  Furthermore, Medha wasn’t drinking so Melissa had to drink for her, out of Medha’s shoe.  Wow, that’s a true friend if I’ve seen one, folks.
– AOTW: Medha (meaning Melissa) again for same offenses

Some additional down-downs:
– Soon-to-be newlyweds Tittotaler and Fire in the Piehole
– Birthdays/anniversaries: Cockstar’s 5th anniversary, Fast American Dave’s BD
(At this point, DBB pointed out it was Hitler’s birthday, which freaked out FMIG, who was exceptionally worried the AM New York reporter was going to tell the world the NYC hash celebrates Hitler’s birthday)

It being the Patriot, the selection was mediocre beer or sh*tty beer, but at least here you know that it will flow for a very long time.  True enough, the hash cash did last a good long time.  For a change rather than pizza we had the selection of bar food supplied by the Patriot, which included some sliders and wings, and very copious amounts of fries and onion rings…in fact with Lunch absent we had a hard time eating all of it.  The drinking did go on and on, until we gave up and staggered back to our respective neighborhoods, full of fried food and cheap beer.