NYCH3 #1261

NYCH3 #1261
April 13, 2008
Start: Gold and John Streets*
On-in: Whiskey River (32nd and 2nd)
Hares: Lexi’s Bitch
Scribe: Blackout
*(supposedly Hook and Ladder II)

Hmm, as the scribe for this week’s trail, all I can say is, so much material!

The shenanigans for this week’s trail started right away, as the prelube bar was apparently not open.  Yours truly with a couple other folks started too late to notice this issue though, but did manage to get there in time to get a quick chalk talk from Dr. Bruce.  Word was lots of chicken-eagle splits, the total eagle trail was 7.5 miles (and chicken not much less so), and there was a theme to the checks.

With that we were off and scooting through the streets of lower Manhattan.  Personally I managed to have some kind of hash radar that day early on, and managed to catch up with some semblance of a pack some ways to the north, where it became obvious after two checks that the theme was hospitals.  After much more r*nning and checking, we did end up near Bellevue (home of Dr. Bruce).  Ironically enough, it was there that we were flagged down by FMIG and Josh (himself an MD), and learned that earlier on trail Kendra had forgotten to use her hands to break a fall and instead used her face.  When we got to the on-in not much later, the two medicos in the house shortly scrambled to find Kendra’s whereabouts.  Meanwhile the rest of us proceeded to drink beer, which was amazingly sh*tty.  The options were cans of PBR, cans of Rolling Rock, or that favorite of 18 year olds, Natty Light.

Eventually Bruce and Josh returned, with news that Kendra was recovering, speedily enough that she would likely make it to the on-in at some point.  With that the circle festivities began:

– The Hare for his multiple abuses
– No visitors or virgins (probably for the best)
– Fire in the Piehole for some sort of hash cash abuse
– Dave Hardy for commenting on the mating habits of Fast American Dave (both were sent up)
– Lexi’s Bitch again as a stand-in for Kendra, a real smashmouth award
– Dr. Bruce yet again for a hat in the circle (really getting his dues tonight, I tell ya)
– Hopscotchers on trail: Bottom, Red-headed Steve, and Fawn
– Fawn again for complaining to FMIG she is getting too much abuse (what do you expect?)
– New shoes: Red-headed Steve, and new “shoes”: Anna  (they were these slipper-like things that have separate toe-holes…everyone stopped and stared as she put them on)
– AOTW: Dave (notes unclear on which one) for lack of respect for Kendra’s condition

With that the drinking continued.  Eventually the pizza finally arrived…though rather late, it was definitely better than average.  At some point not too much later, the hash cash was announced to be out, but nicely enough this was done right after 4 or so new buckets of beer were brought out (note to future hares…that’s how to do it, folks!).  At roughly this time Kendra made it in, and received a separate down-down.  A point of note for you hashers out there: someone has ended up in the ER at Dr. Bruce’s last two trails (of course the other time it was Lunch being sent away at the start for a gangrenous hand).  Coincidence, or is he trying to drum up ‘business’?  You decide…