BH3 #384


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #384

July 9, 2007

Hares: Katie & Alice the Virgin Twins, supervised (sic!) by Uncle FMIG

On In: The Pour House, Bay Ridge

Scribe: The Saint

The Scene

It was hot, the run was to leave from far, far away Kings County, two virgins were haring with supervision (come here my little ones) by their Uncle-in-Hashing and JM FMIG.  I suppose he had to throw his entire self into it to preserve the sanctity, dignity and schedule of the BH3.  The usual crowed assembled including Fluffy called out no doubt by the start down the street from the pub, The Irish Haven ( , where the bar scenes in The Departed ( were shot – you did NOT think a high-quality, Oscar Winning film by Martin Scorsese (a true New Yorker if there was one) would shoot his remake of, Infernal Affairs, (, a very well-regarded Hong Kong film — in bloody Boston did you?  OY!  Go back and swim in the Charles and root for the soon-to-be-second place Sox !  But I digress as usual, some new faces that seem to be appearing often in Brooklyn, Jenny from Harvard; Hangs Left, Blackout, Eager for Beaver; Lauren; etc. were present and accounted for,


The Run

Skipped this one as I had an upcoming race in the clean Hudson and elected to run from the Start to the On In only, but the Hares were thoughtful enough to provide several water stops along the way and the usual bitching was at a minimum at the On In.  The course went through Sunset Park to Bay Ridge to finish with a nice view down the street of the Verrazano Bridge.  Apparently a nice effort by the Twins who will no longer need any supervision much to FMIG’s chagrin.  Perhaps one of them will invite him over to compare Mark-my-Run statistics?


Down Downs

The Hares

OS for: (1) not setting the hotline from the NASS the day before; (2) lying to Ed Lunch! (talk about elder abuse!) and (3) being his OBNX self.

Blackout for setting the Hotline for OS hours late.

Katie for choice of music in her car

Alice for wining (from what I remember)

FMIG for being himself

Brooklyn Virgins, Tom and Rodman’s Bitch

Lauren for rarely showing up in Brooklyn

Jerry for being an FRB

On Out