BH3 #390 – AGM

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #390 — Annual General Meeting

Sept 17, 2007

Hare: P*Dicky NKA Whoremaster

On In: Pacific Standard

Scribe: The Saint


The Committee Does Brooklyn


Q: What’s the difference between a Cheesehead and a Dickhead?

A: The Illinois State line.


Q: What’s the difference between the Brooklyn Hash and any of the assorted New York (Manhattan-based) Hashes?

A It’s the BEER stupid.


If you were there you would have known the answer to that simple question.  The last run many of us completed prior to this AGM resulted in less-than-copious amounts of beer —- bad beer — PBR at that – which unbelievably ran out!  So come on out to Brooklyn, former home of the Brooklyn Dodgers (and FMIG).  Just bring your thirst for something other than blond, bland, mass produced, light swill.


The 2007 AGM featured all you can drink, any brand of the many beers on tap featuring many West Coast brews to compete w/ local entries BB and Six-Points.  Plus what may become an annual BH3 AGM tradition, BBQ pig despite some noble efforts to incorporate vegetarian sides into the mix.  I have it from a reliable source that P*D is still eating pig.


P*Dicky’s Last Run? (or Can You Say Déjà Vu Again?)

Say it ain’t so! Well it ain't so be calm and continue to read on ahead to the Down Downs & Awards section to learn the truth.  Starting from the customary place at the Atlantic Ave Pathmark, a group of 20 or so gathered for a nice day’s run, something we had started once before from this venue and will likely do again — and again.  Speaking of which, sometimes when walking randomly in Manhattan, your scribe will come across a trail and unless I ran it, will have no recollection who set it.  Well that’s not the case in Brooklyn especially for a P*D trail – one gets used to his Hash marks with their telltale shape.  I think you know what I mean and between us, this was the inspiration for his second Hash name.  Any questions?


Well the trail proceeded past the Memorial Day check to a small circle jerk at the corner

of Fulton/Lafayette streets that a few sadly fell for, down into the Fulton metro stop only

to surface literally across the street.  Another old trick that we’ve seen before.  Then on

into Greene Park and out again after a more difficult, tricky check, but out perhaps the

obvious path once we all regrouped.  If there was a criticism of the trail beyond seeing

old, friendly territory again was the final mile + where there was nary – OK one – check

allowing some characters to race in.


Not a bad effort and there was not much beyond the usual abuse of the Hare for this effort.


Down Downs and Awards


Of course, I do not need to remind anyone that Brooklyn H3 Down Downs are always more fulsome and better tasting than the ones across the river – and I do not mean Queens.



The Hare x 2

BH3 Virgins: at least one was sacrificed

Helen: for animal abuse – kicking a poor defenseless Brooklynis Squirreless (who is probably walking around Brooklyn ballless).

One nameless visitor.


STOY: Shitty Trail of the Year: AARP for an 8 or 9-mile abomination when it was cold and rainy no less!  YUCK!

ROY: Rookie of the Year: Alice in abstencia featuring a DD by Blackout.

COY: US Marine Whore and Noah’s Dingy trounced P*Dicky and himself.  This a result of their “shacking up” in Brooklyn.  (What is the world coming to?)

Empty Pint Award: The Saint (unbelievably) for not setting a trail or posting these scrawls – gee I’m too tired from all this writing!

AOY: (you do know what this stands for!) Wet Connection: for showing up late, not running the AGM and leaving FMIG and The Saint at the helm last year.


The Committee: FMIG, Eager for Beaver; P*Dicky and The Saint

New Committee Member: Blackout as Sergeant at Arms

New Name – well an old name actually: The WhoreMaster returns FINALLY in a fair trade of title for a name, P*Dicky became again (and perhaps for another few months), The Whoremaster.  (Sounds like a sex-change procedure to me).  Interestingly, no one has any idea either why he received his original name, nor has he ever brought anyone approaching his former, but now current namesake to the Hash.   The future will tell whether this name sticks so to speak.  Oh yes, he has a job — RA.


For further reading about hip Brooklyn:


On Out