BH3 #383


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #383

June 11, 2007

Hare: FMIG ably (sic) assisted by BBQ Chef P*Dicky

Scribe: The Saint



The Scene

Bedford Avenue. Arrived early headed for a local dopio with the usual Brooklyn hipsters while listening to the Stones on the ubiquitous iPod.   Rained some, which fortunately abated as the run began, even though a number took turns under the telephone kiosk waiting for the start to avoid the downpour. P*Dicky’s car showed up and I will let

you’all know ahead of time, it did make it to the On In!  Rumors of a “short” run abounded, but as you will see, it was the usual pack of lies.


The Run

Too long.  Hot and humid.  General recollections as a boring, industrial-like trail. One for the Hash record book only, but we do appreciate the effort.  Even gave the Hare a beer!


The Q

Things got immediately better at the On In, however.  Cold, good beer allowing Brooklyn to stand up to its rep as the Better Beer hash.  On the redemption path, P*Dicky, brought out his best utensils and used (presumably) the pub’s grill putting out a steady stream of burgers, dogs and even a few veggie patties.  Kept the whole thing cranking all the time with nary a break although he did imbibe which is required.  Earned +12 redemptions points, but who knows how many the JMs will require until he is allowed “back” on the Committee.  Very nice job.


Down Downs

The Hare

P*Dicky as BBQ chef nella sospensione

Real Virgins: could not read the names from FMIG’s notes, but clearly the best was the rugby song by a Harvard grad w/ some very funny, unusual sexual lyrics.

Brooklyn Virgins

Visitors from Sweet Home Alabama

Master Card, as a civilian and no doubt numerous other offenses.

Kim for complaining about rain, short cutting, bringing an umbrella as if that’s not enough.



On Out

The Saint

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