BH3 #382


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #382

May 27, 2007

Hare: P*Dicky FKA Whoremaster

On In: 4th Avenue Pub, Brooklyn, New York USA

Scribe: The Saint


The Scene


What can you say about prospects for the day when the seemingly clear directions to the start – Atlantic Avenue across from the Pathmark – result in the pack having to send a search party to find the true start then being united with Hashers who had found it – but in a totally different location – with the Hotline accepting no more messages?  Combined with no Hare in sight!  Well it was going to be that kind of a run.  With the usual tumult of AA (Atlantic Ave, not what many of you readers do when you’re not hashing), coupled with the holiday weekend and a dance festival nearby, the scene was crowded and on the edge of confusion and irritation when P*D arrived in the P*Dmobile (Hash My Ride!) to collect the bags and send us off.


The Run


Through the crowds, the large pack whooping away galloped with many new virgins in tow into a confusing check at a park with a locked gate as the true trail exit, leading to the usual gratuitous tour of Ft. Greene Park with a check where 9 out of 10 checks in the park are placed (when entering from this direction).  Such originality!  We toured some neighborhoods trying to appreciate the nice day, generally without incident until some confusion in Prospect Park which was fortunately short-lived.  Through the Park scaring many a child, prompting the usual “who are these people” looks and questions, out then down the hill and back to Atlantic where rumors of the On In being close to the start were realized.  Not too many trail incidents save a Virgin who repeatedly confused left and right obviously bonking on who knows what chemical and Tim, our esteemed Hareraiser and JM of a close-by subsidiary Hash, taking a strange left off Atlantic to investigate a dead end (at least as far as the trial was concerned).  More on these two later, as the JMs of this Hash are rumored to be quick to name and execute.


All told, 4.25 miles per Tim’s GPS tech-on-trail, but that may have included his small detour.  A nice run, longer than your scribe thought after a brief Hashing hiatus due to the first Hudson River swim of the season that morning..  The Pub was located a few blocks from the On In (very fortunately as you’ll soon see/read) with a good selection of local and other worthwhile brews on tap (although no cask ale), it looked like the start of a promising afternoon.


An Unexpected Surprise or “Oh Shit” — and we do NOT mean the two-legged, mouthy one


There are many delights getting to an On In:

  1. It’s sunny at 4:30PM on a Sunday during a holiday weekend.
  2. The trail was decent and of an appropriate length
  3. Physically feel good.
  4. Damned thirsty for some good beer from the better beer Hash —- BH3 Rocks!
  5. A large pack with new blood.


But of course, there was some discord in the intergalactic waves which caused no bags to appear, a first for your scribe in about 22 years of hashing!  Worse, we had no idea where they were or where the Hare was.  Apparently, P*D ran into the bar shouted that the car was parked two blocks form the start without revealing its location where presumably the bags were locked and ran out sans cell phone.  Cree had been dispatched to find said car and returned without success.  (Gee, suppose he had been asked to do something difficult?)  Of course, the JMs came to the rescue – well it is their/our responsibility. Cree being senior and eager to please was given some token $ to organize the most important aspect and primary reason people came à beer.  JMs FMIG and The Saint commandeered two cell phones – one for us and another to communicate back to the pub (guess who thought of that?) – and took off to find the P*Dmobile.  That task was accomplished in less than 10 minutes with a little deductive reasoning (guess Cree never read old Sherlock), but the bags and P*D were nowhere in sight.  A quick call revealed the bags had contemporaneously been transported via limo (no less!) to the pub.  Disaster averted luckily.  P*D left the pub and was met by the JMs on Atlantic Ave; he missed the beginning of the festivities.


Down Downs


P*Dicky in abstencia by Oh Shit (due to the relationship to a shitty trail)

OS for lying! (what’s new?)

P*Dicky several times (when he re-returned)

Tim now known as Eager for Beaver

Not Redheaded Steve is now known as Hung Left

Cree who could not find P*D’s car (send a boy ….)

A gaggle of virgins (we’ll see who returns):

Renee (?) for knocking over a pedestrian while she was on bike!


Lesson Learned


  1. Don’t place all your Hash bags in certain cars.
  2. Don’t upset the JMs (P*D has been placed on 30-day probation & will earn his way back on the Committee)


On Out

The Saint