BH3 #366


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #366

Oct 30, 2006

Hare: Stephen B: aka oh well see below

On In: Sepia Bar, Another New, Very Nice, Eclectic Hash Bar

Scribe: The Saint


Fake Left Go Right


Players have tendencies and we must study and understand those tendencies to be successful!   paraphrased from North Dallas Forty, by the Tom Landry-like football coach, G.D. Spradlin's lecturing of. Phil Elliott


Yes, (Brooklyn) fans, we have started at BAM before and yes, the Whoremaster was the Hare and yes he did fake us out significantly at a (nearby) check and subsequent checks on the course.  Deja Vu all over again, but this was Brooklyn, not Jersey and Yogi was nowhere to be seen.  The start reprised the earlier, referenced one through the back parking lot, out the back into the now apparently obligatory check-in-the-park that led to down  Flatbush Avenue as opposed to across it on on to a fairly uninspiring trail save the decent fakery in Grant’s Square – not Grant’s Tomb — as that is in another borough sans better beer.. The first Big Check was good enough to lose Crofty for the evening’s run.  (That makes it two in a row by my counting, BTW, and we cannot blame Blue Chalk either although we would like to).


Evolution of A Name


The pressures that were building up have been doing so for some time.  The first suggestion of a change came from an unnamed hasher who remarked on the particular structure of the former WhoreMaster's pencil rendering while setting trail ——————————————————-> something like this.  But there was severe resistance to change from the offended party who protested mightily.  The reasons to change beyond the chalk artistry dear reader you ask?  Let me count the ways: There were never, ever any ladies of the night (how quaint especially in Brooklyn) produced despite the obvious demand and urgings of many.  But the straw that broke the back was the public refutation of using his former name, WhoreMaster, on the H3 website for fear of who knows what?  Protecting a reputation when that video is on You Tube!  Oy!  Hence, the refined name, but still focused name, P*Dicky.  It was FMIG’s first truly official, officious act – and no doubt not his last — as a JM.


Down Downs


The Hare, WhoreMaster.

The Re-named Hare, P*Dicky

Crofty for bringing up the rear.

Helen, a virgin in abstencia, as she fled likely knowing about the naming controversy.

The Saint (for some ridiculous charge no doubt).





On Out

The Saint