BH3 #365

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #365

Oct 16, 2006

Hare: YankiT

Hash Name: Blue Chalk, Pink Chalk! What’s the Difference!

Or More Meat for More of Us

Or The Phoenix Cardinals Blow Another One

On In: O’Keefe’s

Scribe: The Saint


The Scene


The assembled assembled or attempted to at one of the many, many entrances to the Atlantic Ave tube stop and a most obscure one.  The assembled were the usual pack of a dozen or so Brooklyn diehards.  Off we went for what the GPS later “recalled” as a 4.45m effort although our esteemed JM FMIG estimated 5-6 miles although he usually think things are larger than reality.  Your scribe, who has not been running much, foolishly asked the hare about length and was efficiently and sufficiently misled.  Messr. Hare also started that it was not set in blue chalk, his favorite, although that was of little consequence as it turned out.


Checks Checks OY!


The pack soon found itself in Fort Greene Park (  Surprisingly we were all together.  Unfortunately no one had the foggiest where the trail led.  The marks led us up, up and ?????  Well we know many people disappear in Brooklyn parks albeit not when they were supposed to be following one another, but a trail?  This is not a flashlight hash although the light colored marks suggested it.  Some (OK a great deal) of pack chatter about remedial Haring was overheard, but Mr. Burke was “saved” as the trail was found with the tight pack tight.  The trail went on and on before we found the On In at a usual spot where we were welcomed with food, water, food, beer and food.  Aside from the marking, it must – at great pains to your Scribe – be noted that Pink is NO BETTER than Blue at least in this Hare’s hands.


Brooklyn Food Critic


While O’Keefe’s was the On In location for your Scribe’s first BH3 and therefore evokes all kinds of fond memories, one terrific aspect of a Brooklyn Hash is the wonderful combination of beer – remember we are the Better Beer Hash – and good, high quality and reasonably priced pizza.  To destroy the combination usually results in disaster.  If you want variety in foods, do it on your own, don’t expect the Hash to serve as your culinary tour of New York – or at least Brooklyn.  The usual O’Keefe’s array of wings, fries, wings, fries with a few carrots and celery sticks thrown in to make it look colorful.  I counted at least 2 ½ plates of wings sent back.  What a waste – damnit I was hungry – and no doubt the wings were consumed by some other hungry person.  At least your Scribe didn’t publicly whine about the food – I get to do it here – like Screaming O who demanded John order up some veggie quesadillas or be whipped and although for a moment there was a gleam in his eye about that prospect he relented.


Lesson Learned


Stick w/ pizza.  Bah humbug!


Down Downs


Tim for technological (sshhh GPS apparently – what’s the world coming to) assistance on trail.  Fluffy on his way to Chiang Mai.  British – and American — Daves. Lesley, Mary, Tim and Your Scribe for looking at our watches on trail to see how long sun up would be.


Big Fluff!


No not Fluffy, but those if us who kept it real long, saw most of the MFN game where the Phoenix Cardinals blew a huge lead to da Bears.  One of my sports theories involves the quality of ownership, not unlike quality of management in a corporation, and the Cardinals have historically been plagued by crappy management and ownership and will never – mark The Saint’s words – be any good until someone else buys this franchise.  Now how does this relate to the current state of things in Brooklyn or its subsidiary Queens?  There are those amongst us who like the Yanks and a few who prefer the Mets and some of us who go both ways.  It has it be publicly stated that both of these franchise are great and the newer, younger, less storied one has a great opportunity to go down that path to consistency and even a few Series appearances.  But your Scribe has his $ on the Yanks.



On Out

The Saint

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