BH3 #310

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #310

Sept 27, 2004

Hare: BD#3 (Long)

On In: BD#4 (Brown)

Scribe: The Saint


It helps to have friends in high places and as we trudged up the hill and I murmured slurs under my breath or perhaps out loud, I only wished and hoped that after again running up a hill on this long, tough-to-decipher trail would lead to the only pub in a residential area that I knew: Chez Byron’s.  Fortunately for this scribe and the hordes who came to Brooklyn this evening, it was not a mirage but the On In.


As for the trail as noted above, there was a magnificent fake-out check that in retrospect should not have been all that hard to decipher, but alas we missed it.  It came approximately 40 minutes into a decent effort and was placed across from the GAP, which is the Grand Army Plaza not the bourgeois retailer.  The true trail could be found and was I believe by DB#2 (Croft, the Body unfortunately not his close cousin, Lara) on the northeast side and led across Vanderbilt Avenue with a few twists suggesting a bar on street.  This was not the case as it turned and headed up the hill to the famed On In.  All told, about 1 hour 5 minutes for your trying-to-get-back-into-running-shape-after-two-weeks-of foie gras consumed in France scribe.



Down Downs


The Hares, me for a reason I forgot, 2 Australians who walked in just in time after being On Out on the trail for about 3 hours, and three virgins who names I could not read from my notes.  Not that I had too many beers, but have you ever tried to read my handwriting?




Cost was low but then again you get what you pay for – we ran out at 9:36P but DL ran out and it was replaced at 10:16.  Limited choice Brooklyn Lager or some crappy light American brew.




Mediocre pizza all either pepperoni or cheese.   Not as bad as running out of beer. But …



On Out

The Saint