BH3 #311

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #311

Oct 11, 2004

Hare: Stephen (sometimes aka PD*)

On In: Harry Bolands

Scribe: The Saint


It was déjà vu all over again and Yogi had yet to be quoted as the disastrous series between the Boston Dirty Sox and the Yanks had yet to begin.  (I do not like the Redsox nor do I have any sympathy for Bosox fans or their recent plight of never winning the Big One).  But what better way to honor the Yanks, then to have Stephen to invoke the Yog’s memory by not only starting this effort #311 as the trail he set as BH3 # 293 (February 2, 2004), On In: Royale (“A New Place”) in the same place – OK it was across the street but the principle holds – but to run the identical first part in reverse!  Now that’s inspiration for sure!  Veterans of that last run here Paul, Christine and yours truly remembered the ridiculously long circle jerk check that stumped the stars for a good 10 minutes+ but more on that below. 


The pack gathered after being sent to different areas in the dark spaces in front of the Brooklyn Museum of Something.  Tiffany & Eric (T&E) were necking as usual in front and fortunately under a light for all to see; thank goodness else we may have left without them.  Eventually the pack down the street saw my vigorous arm movements and walked grumbling – likely to keep warm only — to Stephen’s designated start, in pink no less.  Shades of JB’s Blue Trail!  Holy hellfire shit!


We were soon off including a few Brooklyn virgins, Abby and Ian, on reverse trail to Feb as noted above.  The Saint, not being a fool figured the trail would mimic for a tad, Stephen’s earlier effort and it did.  Christine picked up on the same vibe and led the pack.  Thinking this pattern might continue, your writer followed his memory at the next check and finding one arrow kept going only to be mightily disappointed that the Hare finally decided to invent something new.  One aspect did remain and it was the quality of Stephen’s arrows, notable as being very long, sort of like an extended pencil.  Psychological (your Saint was a Psych major of course) and Legal authorities say that your handwriting style cannot be faked or effectively changed and it would appear that this aspect applies to hash marks as well.  *Not to beat an old beast, but surely this recurring pattern would suggest again (déjà vu n’est ce pas?) a naming? 


We ran around some more and this being a Stephen trail not much more, eventually ran down to a check on 6th Avenue.  One new and surely innovative aspect of this trail was that the On In was to be found post the final check, but the trail would be unmarked to that pub.  Not quite the subway check – surely you’ll recall going down then up in that prior Stephen effort – but an interesting approach once again.  The first pub checked, located on the corner of the check was an old, Fluffy kind of place, i.e. a real Dive with a capital D.  The barkeep jumped when I ran in, but it was immediately evident that this was a ruse.  Up the street to Smith’s but there too, only startled looks awaited.  Christine striding ahead suggested Harry Bolands and such was the case.  Not a bad effort but some new territory next time please.


Down Downs


Very fortunately Christine being our grand, lofty JM handled the duties that Paul and your scribe would have facilitated to keep Stephen from doing too much.  Of course, as Hare he received at least two cups, one for the trail and other of the pink chalk.  The duly noted virgins.  Tiffany for yelling On On after only one mark post check causing us all to run down a hill only to reverse action. T&E for their obvious behavior.  (A question do they act like this in Manhattan or does Brooklyn weave some eerie spell?)  My notes say DBB with some more scrawl afterwards so likely he got one for his usual civilian attire, arriving later, being a Brit, being a British Dave (NOT the same thing), etc.




On Out

The Saint

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