BH3 #307+309

Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #307

August 16, 2004

Hare: Fluffy

On In: Moonie’s

Scribe: The Saint



It’s been so long since I’ve run a BH3 trail fully that is was 30 odd degrees colder than my last effort or might I say, attempted run.  Seem to hash more in Old Europe than here.  So why change now as I leave again this week for the land of cuckoos, cheese with a stop in socialist Frogland first.  But, I digress.  Back to ole Brooklyn.  Your scribe had been planning to run the entire trail having bravely attempted some miles here and there leading up to my swimming trials, but lo’ work (again!) intruded which is par for the course.  A short run from the start at GAP to the On In was enough and as they say c’est tout.


Short N’ Sweet                                                                       


Apparently I did not miss much as the trail was S & S as opposed to S & M which we understand the Hare practices in his rural haunts.  No chalk or something like that helped.


Down Downs


Were administered by Stephen as our JMs were humping hills elsewhere, nor am I sure the current slimmer, Body can stand up that long.  While Stephen is an ex-officio Committeeman, he is only too happy to jump into the breach irrespective of your scribe’s outranking him in the order of Hash Succession.  But I have to take notes occasionally and I – as do most others – enjoy the show.  Rumor has it that Stephen was asked to speak at the Republican Convention but #308 will likely prove higher on his priority list.  Plus no one has ever seen Stephen outside of Brooklyn.  Like one of those invisible fences – dog collars that prevent Fido from banging Fifi when she’s in heat across the street. 


Yours truly got one for not running — impersonating DBB — who hasn’t run a trail for many, many moons.  Ted as well for some obscure reason, likely criticizing Stephen.  There were 5 BH3 virgins, Tammy, Maureen, Tiffany, and two guys we could care less about.  Very high Virgin to stalwart ratio.




One of the most attractive aspects of a metro New York Hash, Queens excepted of course, is the dining experience that is part of the fabric of a NY Hash, Queens excepted of course.  The smell of a local pizza has been woven into the sensory recollection of this writer’s memory.  Hashes do not sing except “Hole in the Wall” pre-table.  Thus whenever any Hare deviates – as opposed to being deviant which is not only accepted but expected of Metro Hares – it is generally not a good decision.  In this case, it was the usual deviation to Buffalo wings (now how many metro hashers will even admit to flying past Buffalo?) and some obscure meat (?) pressured to form a shape — chicken parts.  Not only does this show a lack of imagination, but suggests some bribery on Ewa’s part.  Now I should note we all witnessed Stewa, as these two are not only joined at the hip, but the *** and the *** and apparently the mouth, sharing a wing.  Some time ago Ewa announced her love of Stella but inexplicably an aversion to carbs.  The sad part is that it had 0 effect.  Seems to me that no one is suggesting her hash Name (BA**) be changed.  Now I do not know if she offered Fluffy an inducement to order that crappy meal, but Stewa must have consumed about three pounds of wings and parts each.  Nothing like seeing BBQ sauce on those two.  Now to her defence, this writer has been apprised that she doe not like bones, so it was not the wings she was sucking down but the fingers.  Aha!  Now that clears it all up nicely.




A Few Comments about this abortion

Run #309

September 13, 2004

Hare: Someone from New Jersey

On In: A Chinese restaurant in Manhattan


The course sucked and who wants to eat that much food afterwards?  If you do, do it in the privacy of your home.  They ran out of beer — but you could buy more for $3 per 12 ounces!  The bloody thing cost $23 and as I said – they ran out of beer!!!!  Now those folks form Jersey know value.  We had to sit at tables significantly reducing the camaraderie and conversation.  Many stalwarts left.  A poor effort that indicates some guarantees from their Committee to improve via a changed effort in 2005.  I may have been a bit grouchy having arrived from Zurich (as I did last year) meaning I penned these notes/thoughts at 3AM, but it left a deep impression. Yuck!  No wonder they live in New Jersey!


On Out

The Saint