BH3 #388


Brooklyn Hash House Harriers

Run #388/August 20, 2007

Hare: DBB

On In: That crap bar over near Ft. Hamilton Pkwy a.k.a. Shenanigans

Scribe: House Of Wienies



A small crowd ran, consisting of P-Diddy, Screaming Orgasm, FMIG, Eager 4 Beaver, Josh Rosenberg , Josh #2, and Jeremy.  This was notable because it was Steve’s first hash run after arthroscopy on his right knee. The start was in the not so sunny Sunset Park.  It is the pretty nondescript location of the 39th street rail yard and John’s House of Weenies,  a food truck positioned outside the station but more on that later.  Armed with corners of wallboard, we took off into the Brooklyn night except for Josh #2, who was waiting for a Virgin named Mariah in an attempt to collect some booty. 


Steve, FMIG, and Eager 4 Beaver took off at a fast pace leaving the others behind as we trekked through Sunset Park (yes, the park itself)  and into Frumland, aka Borough Park.  The trail was carefully marked right at the edges of buildings to prepare for the imminent rain.  There were no False trails, mostly because the markings were so hard to find anyway.   Most notable about the trail was the sudden switch at Cortleyou St. under the F tracks from Hasidic Jews to a whole horde of Muslims emerging from their mosque.  It was an appropriately Brooklyn multicultural run.


We arrived at the humble On In after a distance of 4.75 miles and proceeded to drink  bevies of Bud and Fosters (so much for the better beer hash). In his usual polite fashion, FMIG handed out Down Downs like they were the NYC condoms he can’t seem to use.  Virgin Mariah seemed to suffer the worst of it but she tolerated it very well, a born hasher apparently through and through.  In my stupidity I pointed out the aforementioned food truck had a  rather funny name.  Little did I know, I was then dubbed House Of Wienies, handed my down down and a dousing of ice cubes down my bucket.  The night ended and we all scrambled to the F train to make our way home.