NYCH3 #1225


H.A.L.T. (Hashers Against Long Trails) #9.5

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Start: NW corner of Houston and Lafayette

On-In: Horseshoe Bar (Ave. B and E.7th St.)

Hares: those crazy sexy cool red dress run guys

Scribe: Doggystyle



Short trail, short circle, short writeup.


Well it was 90 degrees and humid so a quicky trail was just fine with us. We all knew (or should have at least if you read the website) the trail would most likely be less than 2 miles. To say last year’s HALT was a mile and a half would be pushing it.


At the on-in several virgins and at least one visitor were dismayed at the “length” of “trail”. Could that even be considered a r*n? Is this the beer stop? Is it like this every week?


After waiting too long for down-down pitchers from the slow bartenders our JMs waited as a search party was sent out for the hares. It seems the heat was distracting to everyone. The hares were given their down downs with little ado.


Matt “The Brick” was next and was welcomed with a warm reception. Supposedly he is an old-time New York hasher who has been away and can now be called a visitor.


Our virgins included Jeff, Angela, Peter and Mike. They seem like good drinkers so we hope to have them back soon to suffer with us as we someday run another FMIG six-miler trail through glorious heat and humidity. Or wait…do I hear someone calling for an 11-miler?


Yello Smello is knocked up and for that we made her drink…water…


Bimbos on trail included Hot Rod (for running into something), Julya (for sporting a camelback…oh did we ever enjoy seeing her on the HALT trail with that…and she also got called up for a nasty little habit C*ckstar caught her doing) and Megan aka Dirty Vulva (for whining and asking “Is that it?” at the end. Word at the hash was she also asked that after making it with a former committee member).


As the HALT tradition continues so do the down-downs for extra post-trail r*nning and included Fire in the Piehole, Tit-totaller, and Eager for Beaver.


And AOTW went to Stephanie (she’s kinda new to the hash…and definitely new to drinking from a plunger) for complaints in regards to Fire in the Piehole’s writeup which was handed out that evening. If only I could have dished out AOTW awards to all the complainers: oh the grammar, oh the spelling, oh I was misquoted as saying I like it up the…



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