Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2006
Hares: Lauren and Mary
Punk-Ass Bitch (Scribe): fmig
On-In: That Place That Lauren Keeps Using Way The Hell Uptown
Who The Hell Are You People And Why?

The problem with performing is that every once in a while you go on after someone who just nailed it; the comedian who has the audiance falling out of their chairs, the singer who closes her set with an amazing acoustic version of a song everyone loves, and of course the guy with the funny animal bit, because who doesn't like the funny animal bit?  

Last week's hash was one of those funny animal bits, a hash that will go down in history as distinguishable from most of our other sunday afternoon brunches. Lauren and Mary had a tough act to follow but they nailed it masterfully coming back with the type of Sunday afternoon classic that keeps the kids coming back for more. 

Most of the usual suspects were in attendance, but seeing as I have to fill this page out, I'll run the roll call by you; Andrew (like he had a choice), Pussy Repellent, Wet Connection, BlackOut, Stewa, Bottom, Bruce (sans dog for once), Tim, Peter, Leslie, Devo, Fast American Dave #6, Cockstar, and some other people who I can't think of off the top of my head. You know who you are and so do we. 

Our trail mistresses made us stand on the corner for a while, possibly gave some instructions and sent us packing into the wilds of Inwood. Off we went up the street and down the street, up some stairs, down some stairs. Up through some shiggy and down an embankment which frankly was a bit more challenging than anything even Devo has thrown out lately. You hear that Devo? I'm calllin you out! What you got Devo? What you got? 

Fuck Me I’m Gay telling it like it is yo.

From there trail went into Morningside Park (I think) and apparently went up a very steep hill. Fortunately, aross was there to lead us shortcutting bastards away from that malarky and in due course we soon reached the On-In, a place those of us who had been there before, affectionately referred to as the place that Lauren took us to last year.  Eventually after sucking down some cheap beer, the circle was called and the down downs commenced.  

 Hares: Lauren and Mary. Virgins: A friend of Mary's, possibly someone elseVisitor: That dude I know from West Palm Beach. Shame I can't remember his name. Smashmouth: The Ste in Stewa ate dirt and washed it down with a beer.New Shoes: Bottom, and let's be honest he was asking for it showing up at the start the way he did. Cockstar: Received a nice pink pair of boxing gloves for her next bout.AOTW: Went to Aross for numerous offenses including I don't know scratching himself in an ungentlemanly fashion.  

Sometime afterward, myself, Bottom and Tim took a very long train ride home. It is likely that some of you stayed to long and some of you did things you regret. These things likely involved beer and each other.