NYCH3 #1116


NYCH3 #1116

Date: Wednesday July 27th

Start: Flannery’s bar, 14th and Seventh

Hares: Stacia & Flaccido, then Chad & Devo live

On-in: Local 138, Ludlow and Stanton

Scribe: Erica


Through a processes of interviewing and bull shitting, lets try to account for the events on the night of Wednesday July the 27th. (psst…note taking is key says cockstar)

Hoping for the best or just in denial of the looming storm clouds and recently past washed out trails, the soldiers of the hash turned out to serve with honor, but no pride. None the less, a healthy (for lack of better words) sized group showed up at Flannery’s on 14th and 7th Ave. for some prelubing action.

The Hares? We’ll give credit to Stacia, back in the game just short of 100% after having knee surgery 8 months ago, and Haldi, always a true professional when it comes to setting trail. Too bad all their planning and hard work went down the tubes when Mother Nature let it rip just as our two steadfast hares were making their way back to the bar. A promised four mile trail complete with eagle/chicken split and ALL falses marked, was nothing but a wash of misty water color memories. But, not to worry, half naked boys (it never gets old) to the rescue once again to set a live trail in a pinch. Thanks to Chad and Devo.

Being that I didn’t actually run the trail, I can only factually state that it was in Manhattan and longer than the promised four miles.

Here are a few details that I picked up on that might give insight to what went down on trail:

-Live jazz music at a Lower East Side housing project?

-Some sort of model photo shoot at Tompskin Square Park?

-Cluster f*#k or circle jerk (which ever your fetish) at the “Meos”? I don’t know what this is. Loretta gave me this tidbit and even spelled “meos” for me. She said it was like a horse stable sort of place. Ummm, maybe Loretta was on the Trail to Nowhere. She has since left for the Dominican Republic for a month, so it will remain a mystery. .

I’m sure all the hashers endured many trials and tribulations before reaching the hip L.E.S. bar, Local 138 on Ludlow. Here, we were greeted by hipsters with cool haircuts and $2 cans of Rheingold. I’ll give Local 138 a solid On In rating; back room area for hashers, so as not to disturb the normal bar patrons, sweetheart bar babes and good longevity of hash cash. One set back – subway proximity, not so good. But the Rheingold flowed like a beautiful champagne colored river (or Rheingold colored) well into the night.

As far as down downs go…

Alice: Almost last

-Master Card Kim: Last. Supposedly she was “sweeping”. But I heard she dropped her stash and was back tracking to try and find it.

-Jason (stand in for John Kerry): I’m not sure why. But his obscene dance, I’ll call the “roll back”, has been banned at middle school dances and retirement homes.

-Haldi: Asshole of the week. I think this was for not gett’n any, in which case many should have probably passed the plunger.

-Virgins: Hope the first time was all you hoped it would be. Thanks to virgin Erica for being a stellar bag bitch first time at the hash (great name by the way).

-Visitors: I think the consensus is, if you come once a week or more…no visitors down down for you.

And the Rheingold flows.

A kiss goodnight to all the Hashers I’ve loved before.

On out