Attention R*n Hit Wonderers – You Can Hash Too!

Attention R*n Hit Wonderers – You Can Hash Too!

Thank you ladies and gents for the over underwhelming response to my plea for help for the Hash of July 20th. I am touched. Really.


Attention R*n Hit Wonderers: If you wish to participate in the hash that evening, we, hashers, we happy few, will gladly watch your bags for you as you stroll in the park. Please meet us at the HASH start location, Girl’s Gate 102th and 5th. We will be there at 6:30pm until (if?) the hash pack leaves at 7:15. I was able to scrape up two dashing, strapping men to help me with the bags. After your traipsing, please meet us at the hill top directly north of the East Meadow for some hashy beverages. There will be marks from the Hash Start to the hilltop if you can’t find your way. There we will overlook and enjoy Joany and the Blackhearts.


A message from our desteemed JM: "Remember, we’ll be outside in a public park so discretion is the better part of drunkeness. This will work just like the marathon (except the part where Booty Call finished all the beer) where beer will be poured into opaque plastic cups only. If we act cool, the police ought to leave us alone."


From there we will head to Merrion Square (95th and Second Avenue) where the on in will continue with beer and food starting around 9:30pm. (NOTE THE CHANGE IN VENUE!!!!)


The hotline will be set for all whens, wheres and how tos.


Attention Hashers: Attention? Anyone? Anyone? Well, gosh darn it, you will miss out! Meet at the start location. I guess until I find out if anyone will actually do it, I won’t say much. Jello Shots?


I have received numerous questions about Joany’s, I mean Joan’s (as she insists to be called now), generous invitation to sponsor some just about 17

year old male hashers. Here are her responses:


No, Booty Call, mental age does not count

No, Lunch, you cannot switch your age numbers around

No, Bahamonde, being one of the few to know what a Record Machine actually is, no dice.


After perusing through the Harriettes book of Mug Shots of Male Hashers, the only hasher Joany might consider was Young Guitarist Chad, but unfortunately he is away that weekend.


Yours with maybe a nickel left, but still loving Rock’n’Roll,


Mickey Mouth