NYCH3 # 1064

NYCH3 #1064, August 11, 2004


Start: 96th & Lex

On In: Blue Ox, 139th & Third Ave.

Scribe: Jayson Blair

More than 250 hashers gathered at the corner of 96th and Lexington for one of DEVO’s normally uneventful trails. Police in riot gear set up barriers along the thoroughfare and strictly enforced the open container laws. Mayor Bloomberg tossed out a ceremonial piece of chalk as the blazing sunshine and heat caressed the non-plussed pack anxious to get started. And they were to be rewarded with a classic Devo trail: 3 well-marked miles all within the borough of Manhattan. One source close to the hash remarked, “It was as if God himself had taken a piece of sheetrock and laid trail through the Garden of Eden.” At the On In, located in a convenient Manhattan neighborhood, the trail was heralded by all including Legs Lesley who enjoyed it so much she stayed out an hour longer than most and was in such a hurry to get her bag and presumably spread word of trail outside the bar that we were unable to get a comment from her. Cockstar, Yellow Smello, and Peter convened in a corner to discuss how witty and succinct the evening’s hotline message had been. Our cup runneth over with committee members tripping over themselves to handle the evening’s down down festivities.

Okay okay. What do you want from me? I wasn’t even there; I was tripping on a Space Cake on the Herengracht 3500 miles away. But on a trail where it pissed rained, roared thunder, Devo was the hare, not one, not two, but three boroughs were traversed, not a single committee member was in attendance, and the hotline wasn’t set, did you really expect the write up to come off without a hitch? Jeez, I go away for a week and the whole things goes to pot… oh, wait, that was me smoking pot.

So Mastercard took a few notes for us… we’ll get back to our regularly scheduled crap write ups next week! Op uit.


Went East to the river and then over a pedestrian bridge. Some weren’t sure – about to rain – should they cross a bridge when for sure it should come back out the other side?

Thunder and lightning don’t deter hashers, so they went over and into the muddy trail on the other side where there was a Chicken and Eagle split. The Eagle went around the island (Randall’s, I think) and then back through the woods. Then a balancing act to get over to Randolph’s island and through a fence.

Back underneath the Triborough and a jaunt through the Bronx to end up at the Blue Ox at 139th and 3rd – a cute bar where there was even a hose to rinse whatever mud the rain didn’t wash off. Slow to Blow and Fireman Bob were the JMs for the night

Down Downs

Devo as the hare for a typical Devo trail complete with shiggy and bridges.
Slow to Blow for being the FRB who sprinted by the pack for an Olympic
victory (his first time to get in first.)
“Mr. Scotland” (Andrew) because he fell on his butt. (Although Slow to
Blow used this as an excuse to slap his butt…)
Dr. Steve for bringing us back into Queens (Borough #3) before we realized
we needed to turn around.
Somebody (?)for running ten miles that morning and also for breaking the 4
minute mile.
D for her strange arrow marking
Then the vistors and virgins:
Rumsen Mr. Jackson, Poontang from Orlando, Ellen (friend of Karen’s), Drea
(Jim’s girlfriend)
Then a self nomination from the floor (what the hell there was more down
down beer)- Slow to Blow for hurdling somebody
Jim for leaving his girlfriend and a virgin alone in the woods to rn with
Ewa’s cell phone