Brooklyn 835 – June 27 2016

just maddie – hare
virgins – just jen, ginger snatch from d.c.
visitors – mile high cherry pie, hindlick
little dirty – something about explaining the hash while fire truck sirens making it seem like the hash caused the siren
scooter douche & piece of slut – man against machine – the hash is a drinking club with a RUNNING problem, not a scooting problem.
xenospairadicks – hashy birthday
sandy syphillis – traumatized by people having sex in shower at work after yoga
xenos again – confused by weed on trail
dfl – arrived 1 hour late – virgin just jen, ginger snatch, check spreader.
what a cunt – leaving us in nyc to move to cleveland
sandy syphilis – giving it good to a pussy on trail
scooter douche – asking if he can get the train at closest subway station
turd – got two pussies today from what a cunt
this trail was well-set for a hasher’s first trail on their own.  I’d like to pat myself on the back that I must of trained Just Maddie well.
comments included:  really ghetto – glad we ran in a pack,  checks at entries to parks well done.
this particular trail, I was a lazy bum and got to the start after the pack left.  I saw the address of the on-in on the sidewalk, and had no idea of the street name.  Hah! it is possible to learn new places, even after 40 years in NYC.  thats another reason I hash.