Brooklyn # 788

Monday August 3rd, 2015
Down Downs awarded to –
Our Hare – Eager for Beaver
A visitor – (MASSIVE) Slut Slinger from Austin H3.
Another visitor – I Got Fucked by a Dinosaur from Austin H3 on vacation in Brooklyn. (she wanted me to MAKE SURE everyone knew she was on vacation)
Lexi’s Bitch – for being a doctor on trail and confirming that everyone has their tetanus shot.
IMS – For no longer being FMIG – the award was no song, simply “down down down…”
Scooter Douche – for complaining about broken beer bottles.
Farmer’s Blough – for taking off shirt while on trail, and because it was an ode to the great Ghost Busters “who ya gonna call?” – The lovely endowed Farmer’s Blough was sereneded by “she’s got two big ones” rather than “she’s a little flat chested.”
Scooter Douche (again) for liking dogs, and commenting on the dog beach we passed on trail, and noticing runners with dogs, and more crap about dogs. Seems like he is strangely into dogs.
Smashmouth for shortcutting the eagle. There is a chicken too, you know.
Lexi’s Bitch (again) for standing in front of the on-in and asking, “where is trail?”
On-in – The Hop Shop – on Columbia Street & Kane Street near the waterfront.
It was a new on-in as promised, and yes I would go back there if I was ever walking under the BQE, hopelessly lost,  and was looking for a place that would probably be nice to me as long as I bought a beer.