BH3 #694

Date: Monday October 28, 2013

Brooklyn Hash Number: 694

On-In:  718 Bar, 5th avenue & 23rd Street

Hare:  Whoremaster

Scribe: Rack N Roll’Her

I arrived at the random start location of 8th Avenue and 9th Street at about 6:50, very early by hash standards, to find Fluffy and one other hasher waiting for our hare.  Fluffy proceeded to tell us that it was likely no0one else would come, because Whoremaster’s trails were so notoriously awful that any hasher would have stayed home or found something, anything, else to do that night.   Not this group!  Soon a crowd of commuters flooded out of the F station, and with them hashers, who either had never met Whoremaster, or have early signs of Alzheimer’s.  Our hare gave the usual spiel about the trail, and took a random poll asking if we would like pizza, tacos, Chinese or falafel.  A few cries of pizza and tacos were heard, but mostly the pack was silent, not used to be asked for their opinion.  Then off we went to Prospect Park!  We immediately were lost at the first check, after running a quarter of a mile.  The pack split up, ran in every direction, re-grouped and then split up again.  I wisely decided to stick close to Blackout, after hearing that he knew where the On In was.  After 30 minutes of running around in a 400-meter radius, cries of On On were heard (really this time!), and hope was regained.  Down a pitch-black pathway we went, to some southern corner of the park where Eager for Beaver emerged from the woods and provided very useful information about where the trail was not located.  Eventually the pack made it out of the park, and then shortly to the bar. 

A good bar can usually make hashers forgive and forget.  718 had fresh popcorn in the machine, and a solid selection of beer on draft.  There was a lot of talk about the marathon (yeah we’re the racist hash!), some old stories about Casey Stengel, and mocking of my Tecate.  Shortly after elbows were thrown to get to the Chinese food that no one voted for, circle began, and with it our grievances:

Blackout – for calling on-on after seeing one mark at the first shitty check.

Noah’s Dinghy – received the Angry Brit award for yelling “does anyone know what on one means”

E4B – actually found the trail?  (Not possible)

Pierre – technology on trail; he texted the hare and asked where the On In was.  And the pack was so grateful.

FMIG was MIA, so Goose had to drink for him, because they have the same beard.

House of Ooze – she was the only one prepared for the unannounced flashlight hash, and had a light. 

Smash Mouth –  for being DFL.  Not a clue how he made it to the bar.

Fluffy & CPA & Tall Eric – looking like civilians

House of Ooze and Fuck the Whales – for being transplants.  Please don’t judge the Brooklyn Hash based on this one trail.

Songs were sung, grammar was corrected, and announcements were made.  Until we meet again for another Sh*tty trail, On Out! 

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