BH3 #690


Date: Monday September 30th, 2013

Brooklyn Hash Number: 690

Scribe: Rack N Roll’Her

On-In:  Lulu’s, Franklin & Greenpoint Ave

Hares:  Eager for Beaver & Speedo Gonzalez

Scribe: Rack N Roll’Her

It is tradition at the kennels of the NYC area (and maybe other hashes too, but who cares), that the first trail after an AGM is set by the “New” JMs.  I can not think of a hasher (Dogface?  Smashmouth?) who could tell you the origins of this tradition, but we like it and it makes the hareraiser’s life easier because it’s one less day on calendar that requires the nagging of your lazy asses.  (I’ll set trail soon, I promise).

The trail started outside the Bedford L stop on a foul smelling street corner.  The pack took off promptly at 7:15, soon to be lost nearby at McCarren Park.  What is to be said about the trai?  Well, a month later, whatever little I can remember and more of what I feel like making up.  The pack enjoyed a tour of some of Williamsburg’s new condos, its crowded streets, and Greenpoint’s  Polish storefronts and neighborhoods.  After getting lost again on McGinnis Boulevard, and then again in another area of Greenpoint that even hipsters don’t travel to, the pack was rewarded with a gorgeous, unobstructed view of Manhattan at small public park on West Street.  Lets hope our next mayor doesn’t give the land to Bruce Ratner.

Undeterred by our JM’s attempt to lose us in an area of Brooklyn serviced only by the G train (seriously, Greenpoint doesn’t even have Citibike), the pack made it the On In.  And what an On In!  Lulu’s is everything that the hash could want in a bar, not too many civilians, not too clean, and poorly lit.  There was mingling, there was beer, and there are always down downs:

— Steve (Donner Kebab?  Steva?) for picking a fight with an automobile

— Smashmouth for taking the chicken and shortcutting, and then running back out to do extra mileage after arriving at the On-in

— Spits Then Swallows fell down

— Screaming O fell down running to the bar (but technically not on trail)

 – Barf Fly fell down , at the bar

–Just Jim’s virgin friend for bringing a giant rolling suitcase

— Just Jim for not telling his virgin friend to bring a carry-on-sized bag

— Doggie Erectus for being the FRB

— Barf Fly again simply for being here

— Eager for Beaver for not writing down any of the long list of down-downs that Dr. Bruce gave him and then forgetting them all.

— And Dr. Bruce drank for that last one as well.

— Blackout for his achy nipples.

— Baboon Ass for incomprehensibly complaining that the hotline was incomprehensible.

And then hash went in peace.