BH3 #657

Brooklyn BH3 #657

Date: 2/18/2013

Hares: Blackout and Screaming O

Start: 3rd Ave and Atlantic Ave

Prelube: Hank’s Saloon

On in: Hot Bird, 546 Clinton Ave, Brooklyn, NY

Scribe: Eager for Beaver


Even though tonight’s hash was the day after the inexplicably popular-with-Brooklyn-hashers Austin Marathon, a good sized number showed up at the start to run the trail set by the lovely Screaming O and dashingly earnest Blackout.  It too was cold (and deep) to wait outside, so the pack patiently nursed their past-the-due-date Buds inside at Hank’s Saloon, which is also past its due date, given the number of “we’re really closing” threats its owner has been making recently.  Only Death Breast waited in the freezing outside temps, supposedly concerned about the potential for bar-room violence but everyone thought it was because she might have encountered an ex.


The weather wasn’t an issue for Cheeky Bastard, who showed up at the start dressed appropriately for a hot summer day.  Fortunately, he did have some gloves – the daintiest gloves ever seen on a grown-ass man like himself.  


The trail was actually pretty good – credit to Screaming O, since we know what Blackout trails are like.  It went sort of all over Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, with the usual tricky check in Fort Greene Park with third mark a good half mile away.  The pack, also as usual, helpfully shouted “on call”, confusing no one except Turd Dimension.


The trail also featured a nice drive-by of the apparently abandoned, architectural oddity Broken Angel House on Downing St, and a disastrous visit (by yours truly) through the Pratt Campus, whose perimeter fence seemingly includes 15 gates, 14 of which are locked to non-students.


Noah’s Dinghy encountered some gentlemen on-trail who either wanted to beat his ass or ask directions, depending on which hasher witnessed it (I’m looking at you, Nice Jugs).  Noah’s Dinghy did what he does best – ran like hell.


The on in was the excellent bar Hot Bird, which we’ve been fortunate to visit a few times.    Hot Bird has a ton of great beer on tap and fantastic BBQ.  Leave it to Smashmouth to find something to complain about, though why a Brit could find fault with something named “London Rules” is beyond me.  You’ll also have to ask Fast American Dave why bother with Hot Bird’s delicious artisan BBQ when there’s all that delicious McDonald’s to be had down the street.  


The pack assembled around the outdoor fire pit and made believe that it was actually warming (it wasn’t) for the circle.



Cheeky Bastard – underdressed

Death Breast – stayed outside at the start

Fast American Dave – Ate McDonalds

Smashmouth – complained about London Rules

Turd Dimension – what’s “on call”?

Noah’s Dinghy – broke up a drug deal

Nice Jugs – subtle racism

Eager for Beaver – no sense of direction