Monday 12/31/2012, 5:00 PM


Start/Prelube: Mission Dolores, 249 4th Ave (btw President & Carroll)

On-in: The Rock Shop, 249 4th Avenue?

Transit: R to Union St?Hare: Death Breast and Just Jacqueline

?NOTE THE EARLY START TIME! LONDON RULES ($5 Hash Cash to cover down-downs, pay for your own food & drink)?

This is a rare year on the hash calendar when the Brooklyn Hash gets to set trail on New Year’s Eve.  Expectations from this “holiday hash” was no different from usual: everyone’s looking for trouble and no one really wants to run.  Certainly this was the case for today’s pack.

Temps were hovering around 40F, and it was already dark by the time the pack met up with our hares Death Breast and Just Jax at the prelube for the early start.  Mission Delores is a BH3 favorite, and Piece ‘o Slut seemed miffed that he had to bring his backpack outside for the start.  “What’s wrong with this bar”, I imagined he would have said.

At the start, Death Breast instructed us to lug our things all of 10 feet to the entrance of the Rock Shop next door.  “So much for surprises”, Smashmouth should have uttered.  “Good thing you bought a co-hare”, said no one. Luckily, the pack liked the Rock Shop just as much, and were happy knowing its destination.

Death Breast pointed north towards the first mark across the street.  Blackout promptly ran west across 4th avenue, spending a good 10 minutes looking for an arrow.  The less directionally challenged members of the small but plucky pack chugged off in the correct direction.

PoS, being an actual runner, sped ahead, ostensively to solve checks and mark trail.  Unfortunately, he only got half of that done, as he arrived at the on-in a possible 20 minutes ahead of the rest of the pack, who were probably still wandering around 7th Ave, trying to solve one of the first checks. 

The trail itself wasn’t easy to follow, given that the faint trail appeared to have been marked a week or two earlier.  Somehow, the pack made it into and out of Prospect Park, and back to the on in a few miles later.

Our own smart, clever, and good looking co-JM handed out the following down-downs:

  • The lovely Death Breast and Jax for haring and bag hagging. Death Breast was fortunate to recruit a co-hare to help her lug so many bags all the way from the prelube to the on-in.
  • Just Zack, for returning from parts unknown (Washington DC) just for New Years.
  • Pizza Slut for parkour on trail, by vaulting up the side of a building and hopping around some cardboard boxes on trail.
  • A couple of offenses around the first mark, including:
  • Smashmouth for walking it in after the first mark, and for DFL
  • Blackout for getting lost at the first mark
  • Screaming O, for walking in during circle and being only female in the pack.