NYCH3 # 1492 – Birthday Hash

Prelube: Grassroots Tavern
On-In: B Side Bar
Hares: Just Jo and CPA
This writeup is brought to you by HashLibs, the world’s most [ adjective ] word game.
A [ adjective ] crowd gathered for CPA’s [ adjective ] birthday trail. Visitors and virgins got [ adjective ] instructions, and the pack took off toward the [ noun ].
Everyone agreed the trail was too [ adjective ] and [ adverb ] marked. There were the usual happenings, of course. [ Name ][ verb ] a car, [ verb ] on the sidewalk and [ verb ] a small child. The on-in was downright [ adjective ], and the beer flowed [ adverb ].
Down downs went to the hares, Just Jo and CPA.
Visitors were John, Diego and Enzo.
Virgins were Will, Meredith and Monica.
Cum Test Dummy was called out for arriving [ adjective ] and [ verb ] her own trail.
Type A Hole did the trail on his [ noun ].
Dogface walked in the bar and announced he came too [ adjective ] whereas Devo drank for [ verb ] too late.
Solar Eclits complained the [ noun ] wasn’t long enough.
Just Anuj went [ noun ] to put on a new [ noun ].
Ow My Balls and Splat! drank for [ verb ] like each other.
CPA, Just Jo, Bushy, Just Adam and Gabe the Babe all had birthdays.
Just Jo proclaimed she likes [ noun ] in her [ noun ].
Given the number of down downs she got, I think CPA wanted to [ verb ] the bartender.
Thanks to Finger Me First, CPA got birthday [ noun ]. In fact we all got [ noun ].
[Guess you had to be there!]