NYCH3 # 1489

We met on a wednesday for our weekly hash. We knew not what to expect from out hares, as both were new to laying trails in NYC. It happened to be C*m test Dummy’s virgin lay and 10 Dix first New York trail since she moved out here form Chicago.

We knew not what to expect, suprises were lurking in every corner. We ended running to harlem and even had a drink check, which according to the masses wasn’t that great. I also vaguely recall an awesome dance party and some hasher busting out their stripper moves (there is photographic evidence somewhere, and if there is a pic of someone that looks like me, it’s not me. It’s probably my cousin Jose ;). Oh and of course i had to give my hot sauce away on this particular night, not to one harriette but to two.

Down Downs were given out as follows.

Start dive bar – 96 and amsterdam
Hares – cum test dummy and 10 dix with wings
On in – pj’s

Hares – cum test dummy and 10 dix dicks with wings
Visitors – chin-chin chiller, pinball, pants on fire
Virgins – elizabeth, curryduk, gabrielle, kim, jess, amy
Conealingus – played with a young kids balls?!?!?
Just chris – mowing kids down on the street(2 at once)
Clothes found in the bathroom – fast american dave (who didn’t clain them)
Hares – 10 dix n cum test for giving us malorte at the drink check; it’s a chicago thing you wouldn’y understand (cum test was mia, type a-hole drank for her)
Doner kabob – did not fall on trail
CPA – giving out his sauce to the ladies (hotsauce)
Bartenders – gave a shout out to our hares so we had to make her drink
Cpa – for a hot sauce fart???(Don’t recall)
Devo – apparently had a second drink check
Irish spring n just eli – one of their things flopped out
Doggie eructus – helped a lil old man cross the street, what a boy scout
Beth – posting on fb she was happy to run
Just dwayne – has apparel from various beer – likes it all ways possible