NYCH3 # 1485

Wednesday June 13,  2012

NYCH3 # 1485

Start : bleecker st bar

Hares : Jeter Eater ; Just Matt

On – In : killarney rose


We met on nice warm summer Wednesday at bleecker st bar to properly hydrate ourselves before what we expected to be an awesome trail for our weekly hash………boy were we wrong……..

We should have seen the warning signs of what kind of trail awaited us during the chalk talk by our hares, they hinted at very few checks and what they called a trail with shiggy and maybe  a drink check…….

So we set off on our quest of finding more beer to quench our thirst and things went wrong very fast…..we came to our first check which was poorly marked, so poorly marked we lost various hashers, one of them who ended up running almost 10 miles in total to find the on in(more on that later), then we came to a second check, which happened to be a circle jerk and our final check…..the hares weren’t kidding when they said the trail had very few checks. And remember the shiggy they promised, we found it along with the possible drink check; but they failed to mention was that we would only encounter people shiggy as we ran through stone street and pearl street, once again trying to find trail; because our hares forgot to mark the on-in. oh and that drink check they vaguely promised, they expected us to by ourselves a beer as we ran by the bars along stone street and pearl street…….  

We finally found the on-in – Killarney Rose, we drank, gave out down downs and drank some more.

Down downs were given as followed:

Hare: jeter eater and just matt for a very sh*tty trail

Visitors : +2 coonass (from Boston) ; rapid withdrawal (from the UK)

Honorable mention to our bar tender who knew a hash song (don’t remember which one though)

Virgin : matt (ow my balls and just ian made him c*m)

Conealingus : for cursing out a civilian

Skidmark : for tea bagging garbage bags ; shot jizzum at an 8 year old. (he’s a child lover)

Just matt: also drank for being a child lover (use your imagination here as I don’t recall the exact details that brought on this accusation)

 Gabe the babe, Mary quite contrary, doggie erectus and skidmark : for eating before everyone else

Just Zara : was so lost she ran 10 miles in total to find the on-in and had a doorman print out a map to the on-in

Pecker wrecker : for running the corporate challenge and being so proud of his accomplishment he decided to leave his race bib on

Skidmark : for his birthday