NYCH3 # 1483

Wednesday May 30, 2012


NYCH3 # 1483


Hares : Joey P, Hot Rod, Just Nathan

On In – No Idea bar


On Wednesday, May 30th at 7:15ish PM, we embraced a little thing called the hash. It was not with a broseph tap on the back or an ass-out hug that we welcomed our drinking and running club, nay… it was a full on bear hug, the kind you give when someone has a pitcher of beer for you. Because we had many pitchers on this glorious day.


Joey P, Hot Rod, and Just Nathan hared a trail that included a NYC-henge worthy drink check involving Shake Shack and various other libations. Fortunately for those who were lactose intolerant, the on-in was just a hop skip, and jump away at No Idea. Hugging and high fives ensued.


We always love a good virgin, and tonight we had plenty! Trevor, Natalia, Lisa, Patrick, and Lauren all good some sweet lovin’ from the hash. And they will get lovin’ again.


Cheeto Shit was a welcomed visitor and we gave him the secret handshake. No hugs for him.


Just Jenn apparently did a pinky swear with her virgin and helped her drink beer, so we gave her another – and she liked it long time.


Just Trevor, ah Just Trevor. He knew not about wearing new shoes, so Pecker Wrecker the stalwart wrecker of wang drank in his steed. Hugging and bonding (bondage?) happened afterwards.


Mean Jean, the Down Down Machine didn’t get enough and wanted props, snaps, and high fives for solving a check and wanting it entered into the record books.


Solar Eclits, overly excited for the NYC-Henge event decided to quench her thirst on trail and went for a gatorade from a vendor. No one hugged her for that offense, though she did find the down down refreshing.


Just Beth and Just Linda were awfully adorable and everyone gave an awwww to their matchy matchy water bottles.


Ow My Balls got many cheers and fuck yous for it being his birthday week. I think he was drunk for a solid five days. To my knowledge, no one hugged his balls.


Punk Ass Bitch was the coveted Asshole of the Week for moving to Berlin. He wanted to make it for Hasselhoff’s Berlin Wall spectacular, but was about 25 years too late. We gave him a salute and the finger as a proper send off.


And that’s that. In general, the beer did flow, the hash did talk too much during circle, and life was good… until the hangover the day after.