BH3 #621

Hare: Dogface

Start: 4th Ave & 10th St

On In: Jalopy Tavern

The trail started at one of the usual gathering points, and quickly turned into something of an industrial-urban-decay-on-its-way-to-gentrification-but-not-quite-there-and-probably-won’t-be-any-time-soon kind of deals, along with all the accompanying sights and smells.  Upon crossing the Gowanus Superfund and venturing into Red Hook, there was quite some confusion.  The trail appeared to be going through Red Hook Park, but the park turned out to be in a lockdown mode.  Some of the braver ones desperately tried to scale the 4’ fence, and bitterly failed.  And some of the smarter ones went around.  The rest of us followed, considering the park was exactly the size of a city block, and there was only one possible way the trail would be going otherwise.  Soon, the intense smell of garbage turned into an intense smell of raw sewage.  That’s when I knew that we have reached the halfway point of the trail.  And what do you know, soon enough we are traversing the fine streets of Columbia St Waterfront District.  At this point the chicken-eagle split sent the usual FRBs somewhere so far away, some of them might still be trying to find their way to the on-in.

Down downs:

Visitor: Lea(?)
Technically Foul & Death Breast: nearly getting run over by the one car that happened to be in Red Hook at the time
Urine Trouble & Headlights: for wearing matching racist T-shirts for some 527.01 mile relay
Pecker Wrecker: for being the only one to attempt scaling the 4’ fence, and failing at it
Piece of Slut: for calling a false trail, which was just a stoop sale arrow that the hare scribbled out
Eva: for no longer being DFL
Conelingus: for starting the trail an hour late
Smashmouth: just ‘cause