BH3 #590

BH3 #590 – 10/24/11

Start: Cadman Plaza – War Memorial, off High Street A/C

On-in: The Sackett

Hare: Noah’s Dinghy


Geography is one of those funny tidbits that can really help you out in a jam. You can know all the trivia in the world (for example: Dear Abby and Ask Ann Landers were written by Pauline Phillips and Eppie Lederer, who were in fact twin sisters. Makes you wonder which twin was the evil twin, and gave out advice loaded with bad intentions), but if you don’t know the location of the bar holding trivia night, you’re toast. And we all know you’d rather be toasted. So go over to another tab, pull up Google maps, and figure out what is next to what. It will put you in better position than me, as I was forced to hit up passing pedestrians for the location of the War Memorial, though I did walk right past it in my flustered must-make-the-hash state. Finally, I saw Noah’s Dinghy loading up bags, and was off on trail, catching the pack quickly. We motored largely toward the southeast, for those of you mapping the trail out at home. After logging the requisite miles, we on-ined at The Sackett, and were provided with ample amounts of tasty beer. In circle the following down-downs were doled out:


Hare: Noah’s Dinghy (note: he had the gall to hare both the Brooklyn trail and the Knickerbocker trail in a week. What a professional wank)

Trail short cutters: Headlights, USMW, Just Nicole. Clearly, guilty of nothing more than superior knowledge of the area’s geography. It’s not like one of them is married to the hare or anything

Donner Kebab: Smashmouth award. Keep up the good, consistent work, Donner

Just Danny: chivalrous newbie who moved a large branch from trail. The man cleared the way to beer, and for this, he was rewarded…with beer. His non-hash hobbies include whittling and amateur logging.

Piece of Slut: for his zebra design backpack, which he snatched off a 7th grader as part of a low-stakes confidence scam

Baboon Ass: called for directions to the start. Apparently, poor geography is genetic – you get it from the DFLs

Dogface: taking a call at chalk talk. Oddly, B.A. called D and not D.K., which makes me wonder, what the F?

Headlights: stripping at the start and the on-in. Reportedly paid hash cash in singles.

Barnacle and Cheeky Bastard: not remembering trail offenses. I’m more of a trail defense kind of hasher, but if coach wants me on the offensive side of the ball, he knows he can put me down-down-down-down…



Cheeky Bastard