NYCH3 #1439, 2nd Annual Shiggy in the City Hash

Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 7pm

NYCH3 #1439, 2nd Annual Shiggy in the City Hash

Start: Columbus Circle (Merchant Marine Gate Entrance)

Prelube: The Coliseum, 312 W 58th St btw 8th & 9th

On-In: The Parlour, 86th & Broadway

Hares: Pimpy Longstocking & Copa C*m Bloody

Circle Emcees: Fire in the Piehole & Tit Totaller

Scribe: Doggie Erectus

We gathered at The Coliseum for a little pre-run carbohydrate load.  The hares were promising all the off-road shiggy Central Park had to offer, so we needed our strength.  We ambled over to Columbus Circle and took off into the park.

The hares were true to their word, there was a lot of shiggy and rock climbing.  We eventually made our way to The Parlour and gave out Down-Downs:

The Hares: Pimpy Longstocking & Copa C*m Bloody

Visitors: Dyke Tyson

Virgins: Just Kenley, Just Karina, Just Nicole, Just Kim, Just Peter, Just John & Just Sam

Just Ed: For a bloody nipple.  And when one Ed drinks, Ed Lunch drinks too

Skidmark: Getting yanked off stage at the Ding Dong wasn’t enough for our budding young poet.  He was seen reading poetry on trail

The Hares: For an hour and a half long straightway down Amsterdam Ave

Smashmouth: For avoiding all shiggy

Ding, Gabe the Babe & Fireman Tim: Ding & Gabe for various fence offenses.  Fireman Tim for helping Angus over a fence

Wet Connection & Just John: Were they separated at birth?

Skidmark: For riding in the elevator at Fire in the Piehole & Tit Totaller’s apartment and making the neighbors think he was their son

The Hares: For not having a drink check

Ground Control: For Transplanting from Copenhagen

Speedo Gonzalez: For his epic weekly email

Copa C*m Bloody: For getting engaged

There were a lot of wet balls floating around The Parlour.  Some of them found their way into people’s beer.  Some of them found their way into the hands of the serious Beer Pong players and some serious flippy cup ensued.  Before long, it was after 11 on a school night.  Now don’t you kids stay up too late!