NYCH3 #1428

Wednesday, May 25, 2011, 7PM

NYCH3 #1428

Start: City Hall Park, Prelube at The Beekman Pub, 15 Beekman St.

On-In: Boss Tweed’s Saloon

Hares: Pimpy Longstocking & Just Matt (Live Hares!)

Scribe: Cranker Sore


The pack gathered at City Hall Park, while the smartest of the bunch pre-lubed at The Beekman Pub.  The hares set off, and shortly afterwards the pack was in hot-pursuit of their dreams of pantsing the hares on Section 8 property.

In fear that these dreams might be realized, the hares were sure to put many obstacles between themselves and the pack. There were checks to solve and fences to jump. The hares, however, did not foresee the enthusiasm of the locals. Crowds cheered the pack on, and some folks even helped point the pack in the right direction. Apparently, hashers are not the only ones who ache to see the bare bottoms of skinny white guys in the yards of public housing. 

After miles of cheering and high-fives from children (whose mere presence was employed as a tactic by one hare to avoid a public pantsing), the pack arrived at Boss Tweeds Saloon.

Beer flowed and Down-Downs were handed out.


The Hares: Pimpy Longstocking & Just Matt

Visitors: Vote for Pedro, Deadbeat & Just Garance

Virgins: Just Florent, Just Sylvain & Just David (Garance, Florent, Sylvain & David are all from France, but were not given Down-Downs for this)

Transplant: Just Dave from Portland, OR

Just Jennifer: Taking off her bra on trail

Birthdays: Ding, Slick Willy & Just Lauren

Red Headed Steve: Moving away

Donner Kebab (aka Steva): Pouring a beer out on the bar

Copa Cum Bloody: Leaving a bag unattended at the start

Dogface: Couldn’t make it because he’s in the hospital

Just Matt: For letting a panting hasher catch up to him only to protest that he should not be pantsed because “there are children present!”


The hash enjoyed beer, pizza, air-hockey, and general camaraderie.  At some point, Gabe the Babe promised to make a horse cum. I left with most of my appetites sated, but am still trying to get my hands on a horse suit.