BH3 #565

BH3 # 565

A few days ago in a neighborhood not too far away we ran to what seemed like a galaxy far far away… Yeah I totally wrote this after watching Community. Anyway, we gathered at Borough Hall where Type A-Hole had written almost every hash mark ever next to the steps for all of 0 virgins who showed up, including a few marks he made up, for example a photo check, which turned out to be in the same place as the shot check, which was grape juice and something alcoholic. Not really a shot unless he was just doubly labeling the picture check and rewarding the few of us who didn’t short cut the trail and actually made it there, which was totally worth it by the way. Nice timing with the sunset A-Hole. I hope we can be informal like that. But the problem with the previously mentioned shot/ picture check was that it was in Red Hook. Red Hook would have been fine if we would have kept running but no we stayed there. In a galaxy far far away and unfortunately I left my blaster at home.

Then there was a bar, beer, banter, pizza, drunk banter and…

Down Downs
Hare: Type A-Hole
(Usually the visitors go next but our JMs decided to forego tradition to see how much spiked grape juice they could force down Type A-Hole’s throat.)
The following down downs all went the Type A-Hole
-For waiting at the shot check that most of the pack missed
-For changing the start 5 times
-For timing a "picture check" with the sunset. (I was one of the few lucky hashers to follow the trail to make it to the picture check and I must say it was quite romantic…)
-For making an eagle split run around a track 8 times
Then we moved on…
Visitors: Disaster Relief and High Wire
Doggie Erectus got called out for cursing out locals (I was also there for this. He said, "Borough Hall." Had he "cursed out" the "locals" he would now be, "dead.")
Which Brings me to Ding who had to drink for "running every civilized street in Red Hook and saw no marks."
And finally the last two went to Katy and David for actually running the eagle.

But if you found yourself kicking yourself for not running the eagle you still had the option to make up those 2 miles by running to the nearest subway stop. I was brave enough to try and walk it but like I said earlier, I didn’t have my blaster so I started to run until I saw a bus and then ran my ass off to catch it.