BH3 #563

BH3 # 563

The start of this day’s hash was a sausage fest. Honestly the ratio was about 15 to 1. Naturally this pack configuration was best equipped to sniff out the gay bar, Excelsior, that served as the On-in.

I personally made the gay bar revelation when I scored a whopping 9 points on foursquare. "Your first Gay Bar! +4, first time at Excelsior +3, first of your friends to check in here +2."  Honestly I am a little disappointed that Excelsior was my first foursquare gay bar. Did anyone else not get hit on?

As per normal BH3 tradition all of the tomfoolery and inappropriate behavior had to come from within the pack. Most of this activity, gay or otherwise, was recognized in circle.

FMIG was hitting on an 8 year old at the start. Mostly their interaction was playful; using sidewalk chalk to draw pictures of each other holding hands. Thank the powers that be; this little girl did have a parental unit present. In FMIG’s defense, she did look seven.
FMIG drank again for Lamenting the lack of females on trail and subsequently Ding! for realizing its a gay bar.
FMIG again at the start for saying "It’s a McIntyre. I think that one is Kelly."
Just Ed was recognized for being a pseudo visitor.
Ding! was made to do a down-down for making multi-color pack parks.
Canine Fixation was attracted to dogs again on trail. By now all of the pooches in prospect park know him by reputation.
Technically Foul followed the same pack mark twice when the trail crossed the start.
Cheeky Bastard got stuck in a stool and remained stuck for the duration of circle.

Other than those things it was a respectable and classy evening. A little rain kept us from occupying the pleasure garden in the bar’s backyard but not from enjoying a great beer deal and a fine juke box. Look forward to visiting again.

P.S. Why don’t bunnies make noise when they have sex? Because they have cotton balls.

On-on. Ding